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Alternatives for the Long-Dead Trend of Popcorn Ceilings

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What were once used to disguise imperfections have now become the imperfection. They may have increased home value before. But now, people have removed this long-dead trend to improve their homes’ essence.

Popcorn ceilings were highly popularized in the 80s, so much so that most homes were probably found with one. Some of the primary reasons they became a trend were their ability to dampen noises, conceal imperfections, and provide fire resistance. All of these are crucial factors measuring every house’s quality and sustainability. Hence, it’s no wonder people have ridden on this style, maximizing the benefits these ceilings provide for homes’ and families’ sake.

However, trends in the 80s rarely stay in favor until modern times.

Sure, popcorn ceilings were once considered fashionable and chic. They were the kings of ceilings in their heyday. But now, they are a long-dead trend considered outdated and tacky with the numerous design developments society has continuously come up with. In fact, as a display of how times have changed, homeowners now seek popcorn ceiling removal to increase their homes’ value.

Why Has It Become a Long-Dead Trend?

Aside from popcorn ceilings becoming an eyesore with their old-fashioned design, they pose some health concerns. They may have hidden imperfections in the past, but they’re also known to accumulate dust – a source of respiratory concern – due to their irregular patterns and uneven surfaces. It’s frankly quite counterproductive if one thinks about it. To conceal imperfections, people opted for irregularly designed ceilings which will eventually gather more of these imperfections through dust and cobwebs.

This element of popcorn ceilings may also make it challenging for homeowners to properly clean their ceilings, making their interiors look stale and grubby. Additionally, aside from these relatively minor concerns, popcorn ceilings may still contain traces of asbestos since this material has been used during their manufacturing. When these particles linger in the air and enter one’s lungs, they may cause severe health problems like lung cancer.

Are There Any Alternatives for This?

If you find yourself gazing up at your ceiling and shaking your head over the unattractive and disheveled ceiling, then perhaps, it’s time to have it replaced. Most homeowners opt to cover their popcorn ceiling up, the cheaper yet efficient enough process to cover the sight up. However, some take the more significant, more substantial leap and replace their ceiling with a newer, more modernized ceiling design. While not all popcorn ceilings may contain asbestos, removing and replacing them is still the best option. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. This popcorn ceiling removal should be left to the experts like The Patch Boys.

Regardless of your route, if you’ve decided to change your ceilings, here are some alternatives to replace the long-dead popcorn trend.

Start Anew

When it comes to the easiest way to restart the house’s ceiling, covering it with plain drywall should do the trick. Homeowners can opt to remove their popcorn ceiling first before installing the drywall. This way, they can still enjoy the same ceiling height as before. Or, if they find the removal process quite complicated, they can add the drywall sheet on top of the ceiling. But this will bring the ceiling a little lower than before.

Depending on their ceiling height preference, they can choose between either procedure. Either way, removing or covering the popcorn ceiling will help protect the family from possible asbestos exposure. It’s hitting two birds with one stone. Homeowners get to take care of the unsightly design and the asbestos problem.

Stick With a Beadboard

If the plain drywall replacement doesn’t fit people’s preferences, they may go with a beadboard design. The exact process applies between removing the original popcorn ceiling first or covering it with the beadboard, and the same ceiling height matter persists.

Compared to drywall, beadboard gives people a more visually exciting ceiling. While it’s a simpler designed panel, a beadboard can still elevate the room better than drywall or popcorn ceiling. Not to mention, it’s still an inexpensive option. Homeowners can keep the board’s natural style to achieve a more rustic look or paint them over, depending on the room’s design.

Beadboards can add a unique taste to any room, depending on how they’re painted or designed. They can also help homeowners achieve a room that’s classic and elegant or filled with personality.

Go for the Pressed Tin Tiles

While it’s not a standard option, pressed tin tiles still offer a lot of spunk for anyone’s house. They’re an eye-catching option that needs quite an investment and a secured decision since they can be expensive and challenging to install. The ceiling becomes a conversation starter or the room’s focal point with these pressed tin tiles.

This option is suitable for homes leaning toward a vintage charm, with its intricate and richly detailed design. However, while they typically have a more vintage style, pressed tin tiles can still come in various colors and finishes. These tiles will enhance one’s room by combining a classical design with trendy colors.


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