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Sacking off Popcorn Ceilings, the Trend That Has Died Down

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Popcorn ceilings are already a long way out of trend. With homeowners now opting for subtler textures, popcorn ceiling removal procedures are the new in-thing. Here’s a company that ensures this process is done with perfection.  

Design trends come and go. What was once in the spotlight can quickly lose the glint it offers to people’s eyes. With modern preferences gearing toward minimalism and simplicity, homeowners have foregone the boldness and intricate details popularized during the 80s and 90s. Instead, they now elevate their homes using unique combinations of monochromatic colors and conversation pieces.

The Popcorn Ceiling Rage

If it’s about designing fads or styles that were once very popular over a specific period, nobody would forget the craze that was popcorn texture. From walls to ceilings, such a texture has swept most households back in the 70s to the early 1990s.

The popcorn ceiling, also known as the acoustic ceiling, gained popularity for its impressive ability to absorb sounds and make imperfections seem creative while still giving the illusion of a clean finish.

It got its name thanks to its bumpy and rigid look, a texture that doesn’t need to be smoothened, almost mimicking popcorn or cottage cheese, as others liken it to be. Its crooked and unusual surface allows it to cover minor to moderate irregularities without the ceiling needing to be polished and perfected. Besides its façade, popcorn ceilings are also quick and affordable to apply since it doesn’t necessitate much planning or designing. It’s a quaint style that doesn’t need to be primed and smoothened, perfectly cutting down the application period.

However, this design has become disliked by many as time passes. Despite its functionality, homeowners have noticed that the design quickly becomes a ground for dust and cobwebs. Nobody wants a dusty house, regardless of how fashionable it looks. This drawback became one of the reasons why popcorn ceilings are out.

The Removal of Popcorn Ceilings

Simultaneous to its downfall, many homeowners have now opted to have their outdated ceilings removed. Many may claim that popcorn ceiling removal is as easy as removing wallpaper. A little tug and off it goes. But it can leave quite a mess, and the process is extremely troublesome.

For starters, homeowners must cover their floors and walls with thick plastic to protect the interior from ceiling droppings. They must have a second layer of plastic on the floor for these droppings to be bundled and taken away without risk of spillage. Additionally, they would also need to don protective gear, complete with respirators and rubber boots, to protect themselves from any chemicals that may come along with the popcorn ceiling removal.

The whole process for a relatively minor procedure is a hassle for homeowners. Not to mention, the materials needed for it to go smoothly are also another burden to address.

Fortunately, numerous companies offer to get this job done correctly. One of which is The Patch Boys, an expert drywall repair company. As their name goes, they aim to provide services that patch houses back to their mint condition, even beyond their drywall expertise. They offer numerous services, from ceiling and plaster reparations to drywall installation and texture matching.

The Patch Boys’ Popcorn Ceiling Removal

The company’s team of professionals follows a thorough process to ensure every client’s popcorn ceilings are expertly removed. Going beyond the removal, they may also suggest retexturing them to give households’ a sleeker and more updated look.

Instead of going through the inconvenience of DIY, homeowners are left to trust professionals’ hands and hard work to give them a seamless product for their ceiling.

How do they do it?

The Initial Assessment

As with people, every house is unique. The process that works for one isn’t guaranteed to work for another. This is why The Patch Boys initially examines the client’s house to come up with the most effective method to remove the ceiling without doing much damage to the house’s interior.

Most homeowners who opt to DIY the process may overlook their design intricacies and proceed to remove the popcorn ceiling immediately. But The Patch Boys chooses the in-depth process of taking into account in-home characteristics like crown molding. This ensures the ceiling is correctly removed without adversely affecting the house’s interior.

The Site Preparation

Once the initial assessment is done, the site is prepped for the procedure. As mentioned earlier, the interior must be covered and protected from ceiling droppings while working. Instead of the homeowners purchasing the materials, The Patch Boys buys these materials and meticulously covers the floor, walls, and any furniture that may be affected during the process.

Site preparations also include the removal of any ceiling fixtures that may have any impact on the procedure’s flow. Doing this themselves will be challenging for homeowners, hence the need for professional assistance.

The Ceiling Removal

After the pre-procedure arrangement, it’s time for the company to get dirty. Whether it’s removal or lamination, The Patch Boys’ expert technicians will cautiously and effectively finish the process, leaving clients with improved and seamless ceilings. Additionally, their professional team doesn’t turn a blind eye to any ceiling damage observed during the process.

After the team is done with the removal, clients’ houses will undergo a complete change of ambiance. From its outdated and grubby ceilings to modern, more elegant fixtures, the house will feel lighter to the eyes. Homeowners can count on The Patch Boys to carry out this change in their households.


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