Orange Digital Technologies’ services are intended to cater all your digital marketing needs. We got the best professionals and partners to help you hit your targets and increase brand awareness.

Logo Design

Build an identity that distinguishes you from others. Create a trademark with the logo that speaks your brand.

Designing your logo can be a tough task, for there are a lot of aspects to consider — such as choosing the right color, outlining the design, conveying your brand’s mission, and a whole lot more! But worry not, because we can create the perfect and catchy logo for you that can hit all the spots.

Marketing Materials

Expand your customer base and boost brand awareness. Utilize materials that can truly reach your targets.

Being able to survive the competition in the market can be difficult and pressuring. Release the tension and get along your competitors, because we can help you craft the best marketing materials that will surely increase your sales and cultivate a good bond with your prospects.

Content Marketing

Increase audience engagement through captivating word play and remarkable content. This type of marketing enhances your creativity and magnets your patrons at the same time.

Writing articles, social media descriptions, newsletters, and other important content to widen customer base and increase sales is not that easy. Thus, we are here provide you with high-quality and comprehensible content materials and strategies that can bring your marketing to the next level.

Web Design

The process of outlining and conceptualizing websites, which can contribute to your brand’s overall impact.

Designing a website is not just about the aesthetics and appearances; it can create a really huge blow to your brand if it’s poorly done. But, we can help you design your site that fits your liking, maintain its identity, reflects its mission, and increase its functionality.

Social Media Management

Thoroughly planning the creation, publishing, and tracking of your campaigns through social media is a vital marketing aspect.

Organizing, planning, and ensuring that all your social media platforms are on its best performance and are attracting your patron’s attention is vital; however, it could be hard. Worry not now, because we’ll surely help you solve your social media management dilemma and create better initiatives and strategies to improve your visits and followers.

Promo Video

Promotional videos always play integral roles in increasing your numbers, because it really captures the attention of your targets.

Creating great and captivating promo video is daunting, because all the shoots and editing can take too much of your time and effort. But you shouldn’t get worried, for we can be your aid in editing wonderful videos that can draw your prospect’s attention and entice them to check your brand out.

Youtube Advertising

Youtube is among the giants of social media, and being able to advertise in it can definitely open many opportunities.

Mastering Youtube advertising and personally editing the videos that will be uploaded on your channel can really be a hassle. But, we can develop the best quality of videos and advertise them on Youtube for your convenience.

Google Advertising

Google ads definitely create big impact on your brand, since Google is one of the biggest search engines that a lot of people use daily.

Dealing and understanding the process of Google advertising can be draining due to the unfamiliar terms and complex ways. Hence, we are here to guide you in running the pay-per-click ads from Google, and get rid of the inconvenience of having to do the advertising on your own.

Web Traffic Optimization

Web Traffic Optimization (WTO) is the answer to your digital marketing troubles, for it has the best process that can enhance your website traffic and visits.

When it comes to tracking your site’s analytics, keeping tabs on its visitors, and other important stuff that can impact your website’s ranking on search engines, we have the professionals that can uplift your visibility, rank, and numbers.


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