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Orange Digital Technologies aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises gain their footing in an increasingly competitive market. We help our clients create a strong digital presence to enable them to connect with their tech-savvy target audience, drive sales, and boost customer engagement and bottom line.

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Orange Digital Technologies delivers creative, intelligent, innovative, and measurable digital marketing solutions at full speed.

Ryan and Orange Digital Technologies provided excellent service. They were sincerely dedicated to helping me grow my business and putting me on a path leading to global success. I highly recommend them!

Jarrod D. Dixon

10x Published Author and Up-and-Coming Film Producer and Owner of Touching Lives Urban Apparel on Amazon

I am the first one to be an Orange Digital Technologies customer, and for a professional business owner still using your service says a lot of services that you provide. If you did not meant what you say and say what you mean, I would have not stayed here very long. No service, no stay, that is what I have said for 40 years in a successful business. A good customer relationship is paramount in keeping your customers happy or they will leave, it is that simple. That is the foundation, that builds your customer base or you will go out of business before you begin.

Congratulations Orange Digital, the first year is the toughest , but it never gets easy, you are always panning for gold, and keeping customers happy.  

RC LeBeau

American Delta Products, and a serious business investor in making money, to making money work for you.


The Law Offices of Ronald E. Stadtmueller

Why digital marketing matters?

Through the different methods of digital marketing, such as content marketing, YouTube advertising, and Google advertising, business owners and entrepreneurs can understand how customers search and find information about their brands. By incorporating digital marketing in their campaigns, they will be able to not only increase their online brand awareness and bottom line but also anticipate and fulfill their customers’ needs.

49% of users say they use Google to discover or find a new item or product. (Think with Google)

72% of people prefer watching a video to learn about a product or service rather than reading a text. (Review42)

60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly using the search results such as the “click to call” option. (Think with Google)

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