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Owned and operated by Licensed Massage Therapist Kristina Umberger, Sacred Designs and Creative Healing makes its home in Cortez, Colorado, nestled in the San Juan Mountains of the Four Corners and Mesa Verde National Park.

Sacred Designs and Creative Healing approaches massage from the oriental theories of chi, movement, balance, and the flow of nature. Each individualized massage and treatment modality available provides an opportunity to restore the body back to its original harmonious state. 

In addition to massage, we also offer acupressure, shiatsu, passive stretch, reflexology, and remote energy work. 

Acupressure is a Japanese modality of energy work where the practitioner applies light pressure with the fingers for extended periods of time on specific pressure points based on the client’s needs. Acupressure is applicable not only to physical ailments but also to spiritual, emotional, and mental projects. Our practitioner has seen success with acupressure for monitored epileptic clients, as well as pain reduction, vertigo reduction, nerve damage support, brain fog, and chronic fatigue. 

Acupressure Doll

Shiatsu is a Japanese-style massage that utilizes deep pressure holds in a rhythmic sequence along the meridian lines of the body. It also offers a deep abdominal massage known as Masunaga. Our practitioner has seen success with symptom reductions with cerebral palsy and scoliosis with shiatsu. 

Passive stretching is very similar to Thai Massage stretching. The therapist guides the client through stretches, working closely with them to meet the edge of the stretch. Passive stretch can result in greater vibrancy, brighter colors, and reduced brain fog, activating the stretch reflex in the body and brain.

Massage Room

Reflexology works with points in the hands and feet that correlate to the organs and internal structures of the body. While this therapy can be painful, it can also be very effective. This is a go-to therapy for working parts of the body that are not necessarily accessible due to an injury or location accessibility.  

Clients who cannot come to Cortez can still access us through the remote or distance healing modalities we have available.

More than just a massage and bodywork, our skilled therapist offers intentionally hand-crafted crystal malas and Qigong classes. An online qigong course is offered through Zoom on the first Sunday of the month. Visit our website to sign up for the class video link. 

Mala and Hot Stones

Kristina is a graduate of the Crestone Healing Arts Center in Colorado, where she completed intensive training that wove together Traditional Chinese Medicine with the art of massage. As she expanded on her education, Kristina has also learned to transmute programming through imprinting during our birthing process, clearing generational trauma. 

Kristina has over 15 years of experience in martial arts. It was the martial arts training that inspired her passion for the healing arts, which is reflected in her sessions. In order to cause great harm, you must also be able to facilitate wellness and correct injury. 

Sacred Designs and Creative Healing is committed to professional and therapeutic practice. We strive to help you with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual projects along your life’s journey. You can find more information about us, including our pricing and location, at: www.sacreddesignsandcreativehealing.com. May you walk in beauty and find blessings along your journey!”



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