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Revitalizing Your Kitchen Space: Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

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Are you thinking of giving your kitchen a makeover? Add an island, open up another window? Handshakers Construction LLC offers whole and partial kitchen renovation in Cincinnati, OH.

The kitchen is sometimes called the heart of the home, and the claim is compelling. People love to eat, and the kitchen, naturally, is where they prepare and cook their food. According to a recent study, British adults typically spend almost 7 hours a week inside a kitchen. That’s nearly two-and-half years out of the average adult life! Although it’s a high number, it shouldn’t come as a surprise because, since the turn of the 21st century, the role of the kitchen has evolved considerably. No longer is it just a place for cooking; it can be for hosting guests, talking with family members or roommates, a place for relaxation, listening to music, reading, and many more.  

So, if you want to do some touch-ups for your kitchen, or a grand makeover, Handshakers Construction LLC provides whole and partial kitchen renovation in Cincinnati OH.

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Knowing What You Are Kitchen Remodeling Is Going to Cost You

Of course, not all remodeling projects have the same costs. Some people have different kitchen sizes, needs, and quirks. That’s not even considering how much a contractor might charge for the whole thing. Still, generally, if it’s an entire reconstruction, including the sink, flooring, faucet, countertops, cabinets, and appliances, expenditures would range from about $12,000 to $33,500—the more complex the changes, the higher the costs.

Budgeting Your Kitchen Remodeling Projects

For first-time renovations and remodeling, people should consider $18,000-$55,000 as a reasonable total cost. Starting from there, you should begin budgeting what changes are needed. 

It is recommended that at least 10% of your budget be set aside for unexpected expenses.

Of course, to help you save on your kitchen remodeling, here are some tips you might want to consider:

  • Research before buying. Be smart with your purchases, look at reviews of products, assess their quality, look for discounts and try if you can look for cheaper equivalents.
  • Stay off the layout. Make do with the current space and attempt not to interfere with the plumbing, gas, and electrical wiring because changing these will increase costs substantially. 
  • Be cheap with countertops. Aside from cabinets, countertops will be your remodeling’s highest expenditure if you decide to go pricey, so choosing less expensive materials and single thicknesses is better.
  • Self-management or self-action. If you can do it DIY, it will save on costs, but if you can’t, you should consider managing the project as a general contractor.
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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If you already have the budget set for your kitchen remodeling but don’t know where to start with the designs, here are concepts to think about and maybe work on or modify:

  • Start with purpose. Where do you want the direction of your remodeling to go? What is the purpose of this remodeling? Will you be using this kitchen for cooking more complex dishes? Or will this kitchen be a space for communicating with friends and family? Begin asking these questions. 
  • Think of space. Kitchens are those places where there are a lot of utensils, appliances, plates, and glasses, a whole general lot of stuff. A good idea for renovations would be to add cabinets or cupboards so that there’s plenty more storage for you to take advantage of.
  • Let there be light. Sometimes domestic kitchens get a bad rap for having inadequate lighting, so be liberal, try a mix of lighting types, and consider a combination of wall-mounted and ceiling lights. Keep it cheerful and bright.
  • Be colorful. The white kitchen does look beautiful, but adding more color to your kitchen gives you a more comprehensive array of design options and helps add to the intended atmosphere.
  • Matching floors. Some think kitchen floors need to be easy to clean after cooking or events, but choosing the right flooring that matches the rest of the kitchen space is a game-changer! A floor is a lot like the fifth wall in a room and having it match the overall theme elevates your designs even more and gives the space a unified look.

Handshakers Construction LLC

Remember, if you’re living in the Greater Cincinnati area, you can call Handshakers Construction! Professional and experienced, they take great pride in providing customers with the best service and guaranteeing the best results.

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