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Resilience is a Choice: Lessons from Almost Giving Up

by | Jun 10, 2023 | Business Feature, experts, Lifestyle | 0 comments

When was the last time you almost gave up but didn’t give up?

How did you muster the motivation to be resilient and emerge victorious?

I ask myself these questions every month to officially reflect upon the reality that life is not easy and going after success takes guts. Think about the last 30 days.

Let’s address the situations that went from setbacks to comebacks. This is where we can learn the most about who we are and reassure ourselves that we have what it takes to succeed. I invite you to consider this word picture. If life were like an ocean, then waves would be a part of the journey. We can choose not to be afraid of the waves but learn how to navigate even when storms come so that we can sail on to reach our desired destinations. We can choose to be resilient.

Here’s a personal example. During the first six months of being an entrepreneur, the wind was in my sails. Opportunities seem to flood in without me trying. I knew I needed to reach beyond my comfort zone. When I finally was courageous enough to reach out to people in my network about a business idea, the waiting game was hard to endure. Not hearing anything as soon as I wanted to hear back from people was discouraging. I started wondering if I made a mistake in thinking I could get business opportunities with people in other states. Then, the first reply came, and the next. This was the beginning of what has become a consistent point of motivation for me: new opportunities are worth the wait, and building business relationships is an investment that promises future returns!

I started my business when I lived in Illinois, and now my business is based out of Cincinnati, OH. In choosing to be resilient, I have enjoyed coaching individuals about their life purpose, goal setting, job search, career moves, startup business, and even getting in touch with their non-work identity as they approach retirement. I also work with organizations to provide customized content delivered virtually or in person, with specialties in team cohesion, communication effectiveness, and efficient productivity.

As a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, I have learned a great deal over the years from my clients, and one of the top lessons has been that it matters how you define success. I want to propose that the kind of success that matters most to you is rooted in your values more than titles, positions, or possessions. The origin of your definition of success REALLY matters, too. There is so much freedom in making sure the kind of success you are pursuing is one that fits with who you are versus someone else’s definition of success.

I want you to be the BEST version of you on purpose! I believe coaching with me, Dr. V is Vibrant Coaching. You can visit www.bevibrant.today to learn more and decide if you are ready to take the next steps to experiencing the positive difference coaching can make in your life as you navigate uncertainty, challenges, and obstacles on your journey towards continued success. No matter what you are facing, I would love to become part of your circle of support to help you see opportunities to choose resilience.


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