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RAAISE Staffing Solutions, LLC

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RAAISE Staffing Solutions LLC is a Certified Minority Owned staffing firm led by Cassandra (Cassie) McGlothin who is a hiring expert with nearly a decade of Human Resources Management and Recruitment Consultant experience.

RAAISE Staffing Solutions is helping companies build diverse teams by connecting top talent to their dream jobs using a relationship recruiting strategy. We specialize in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Information Technology, and Security Clearance recruiting. Cassandra McGlothin recognized the need for advocacy for job seekers of color and ways to match them with the right job opportunities earlier into her career.

In 2016, Cassie landed her first Human Resources position with Primark as a People & Culture Assistant supporting Learning & Development for over 1000 employees, most of which were of Black and Latino descendants. While making a name badge for a new hire, a few associates started to gather around her desk and in minutes, the small cluster turned into a crowd filling the office. Little did she know, word had quickly spread that there was now a Black Woman working in the HR department.

After handing off the name tag, she attempted to direct the rest of the group to other members of my team and to Cassie’s surprise, they were all there to see her. So, for the next 2 hours, she assisted countess employers with payroll, scheduling, benefits and compensation, etc. inquires. This taught her a valuable lesson about community representation and what it can look like when we all achieve it together.

7 years later, companies are still facing this problem especially, in the tech industry. According to the EEOC, approximately 68% of High Tech is White, 14% Asian, 8% Hispanic, 7% African American, and 3% Other. In the light of the creation by many clients of formal DEI initiatives, there are more opportunities for minorities than ever before.

Our mission is to create more spaces for DEI candidates with a focus on the Black community and cybersecurity positions. We prepare our candidates for their next career move by providing with them the necessary tools to succeed:

  • Skills assessments  and job search planning
  • In-depth analysis of opportunity areas and how to acquire the skills needed
  • Set short-term and long-term professional goals
  • Resume editing and critiquing
  • Reference and background checks

Educating hiring managers about the availability and quality of diverse candidates is key to making things change. By placing these professionals, it provides encouragement and tangible guidance to other candidates searching for the best ways to prepare themselves for these roles. Our clients include international brands, non-profit organizations, and industry pioneering companies. Current and past clients of include:

  • Linedata
  • I Support The Girls Nonprofit
  • Reflik

We create employment forms and packages, implement policies and procedures, and source the ideal candidates to help employers benefit from a more diverse pool of potential employees. With a 0% resignation and termination rate to prove it, RAAISE is creating a win-win for both our clients and candidates. To learn more about us and see reviews from satisfied customers, please visit https://www.raaisestaffingsolutions.com

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  1. Walter J McGlothan

    Thank you RAAISE for opening the door for people of color to get into the tech field.
    Thank you Orange Digital Technology for featuring RAAISE. This is vital information for people of color, thank you!


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