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Pathways to A Healthy Fulfilled Life

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You deserve to live a healthy fulfilled life, and to be whole, authentic, and fulfilled, the body, mind, and spirit need to be attuned and in alignment.

These three aspects of you function independently, but they are innately linked together to create your whole unique self. This is why each pathway is so important. Each one circles back onto another and intersects at multiple points along the way.

 In her early 30s, Michelle Sidun suffered a severe neck injury when her lovely mare lost her footing and went down with her aboard. Chiropractic and massage therapy made her whole again without surgery or pharmaceutical drugs. After her recovery, she made the choice to go to school to become a Certified Massage Therapist. Eight years later, her life path and career took another turn when she met Melisa Pearce from Touched by a Horse. She graduated from the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method Certification Program in 2014 and the Gestalt Coaching Method Certification Program in 2022. 

As a Master Equine Gestaltist, she often partners with her horses. You may ask how did horses come into her practice? As a horse owner for over 20 years, she had often observed her herd interacting with her children and husband in a deep and spiritual way. She saw shifts in emotions and attitudes after they spent time together. While the horses don’t understand complex human issues, they do feel emotions and energy. As she watched and learned to listen to the horses, they gave her feedback about her own emotional state and of each person they encountered. On her journey as a horsewoman, she discovered the amazing gifts these noble creatures offer us each and every day. She is honored to partner with horses to bring this healing to others. As a Professional Massage Therapist and Master Equine Gestaltist, she offers different pathways for clients to live a fulfilled life.

On the Earthly Pathway, she will work on the physical you. Our body is the shell and container for our mind and spirit. Incorporating therapeutic massage into your life leads you on a path to self-care and an enhanced awareness of what your body is telling you. Therapeutic massage addresses injuries, pre/post-surgical pain, and general achiness. It helps the body maintain a healthy balance. Emotions and trauma get trapped in our bodies over time. These can often manifest as mystery pain and/or chronic pain. Massage can help the body let go and release that pain. Michelle offers traditional massage therapy as well as evolved bodywork that incorporates energy work and Gestalt. You can choose this path alone or in conjunction with the Awareness and Divine Pathways.

The Awareness Pathway takes you on a journey of exploration into how your mind works and the characteristics you were born with. We explore your parts of self, your temperament, and where those parts came from. You will gain mindfulness and awareness as you learn who you truly are. For instance, Michelle’s own temperament thrives in the thinking, analytical realm, and knowing this allows her to make decisions with joy and ease.

The Divine Pathway is deep Gestalt work. Working both with horses and without, this pathway takes you through a co-active discovery process to find what lies beneath the surface and is outside of your awareness. It allows you to finish the unfinished business that continues to affect your now and your future. Looking at those dark shadows and the parts of ourselves we keep hidden is hard. She creates a safe and sacred space to explore all of that and more. 

Michelle believes that we have the capacity to heal ourselves from within. We need a guiding light sometimes when the path seems too dark to follow. She is willing to be that light to guide you on that path. The work is yours to do. Pathways to a healthy fulfilled life can be achieved today.

Start your path to a healthy, fulfilled life by contacting Michelle Sidun at Triskele Pathways in Rawlins, Wy.



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