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Nishoni Harvey Coaching: Autism Parenting Coach

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My name is Nishona Harvey, an Autistic Parenting Coach, and I founded the Nishoni Harvey Coaching in 2022.

I help parents of autistic children create a positive and inclusive environment for their children to thrive and reach their full potential. Two of my four children are on the Autism Spectrum. Having traveled much of the parenting path for our first autistic child through trial and error, we sought all the help we could get for our second, including ABA, occupational therapy, talk therapy, personal training for myself, and more.

Later, my husband and I began taking in medically fragile foster children as well, many of which have autism. It was during this time that I saw the need for Parenting Coaching that specializes in children on the Spectrum.

Our children experience the world differently than the rest of us. As such, they need a different kind of parenting. Many parents of autistic children feel lost and alone in their parenting journey. They no longer need to. They can get Autism Parenting Coaching!

As an Autism Parenting Coach, I incorporate positive parenting strategies, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) techniques, and a thorough dive into the home, the parent, and the WHOLE child.

ABA techniques are evidence-based approaches to teaching conversational skills, increasing communication and language skills, decreasing problem behaviors, and improving focus, memory, attention, social skills, and academics. I focus mainly on the techniques that aid parents with behavior problems. Besides problem behaviors, this includes anything that might cause their child frustration, such as communication, as frustration may cause meltdowns and tantrums.

TBRI is attachment-based. It is a trauma-informed intervention designed to help vulnerable children get their complex needs met. The design of TBRI specifically meets the child’s physical through Empowerment Principles and their attachment needs through Connecting Principles, and helps to disarm any fear-based behaviors. I teach some of the principles used in TBRI to parents to help them learn about their children, empower and connect with them on a deep level, and understand what they are going through and how to help them during an intense meltdown.

When I dive into the parent, the home, and the WHOLE child, we look at parenting techniques together. We talk about where the parent currently is and what technique they use, where they want to be, and what they believe is keeping them from reaching that goal. We talk about the dynamics of the home, routines, sleep schedules, and other relevant details. Lastly, I teach the parents how to consider and train their child as a whole—physically, spiritually, and psychologically. All three parts make up their child.

I offer one-on-one coaching, courses, and programs. I have courses in Sign Language, as nonverbal or children with partial communication skills can benefit immensely from learning Sign Language. Not only does it allow them to communicate, decreasing frustration and, therefore, tantrums, but it also builds the synapses in their brain! Another course I have is Parenting Children on the Spectrum. Email me for more information! ([email protected])

I routinely hold free webinars and paid masterminds and seminars. I have helpful information, tips, and tools available online on my blog, social media platforms, and YouTube channel. You can find the links to these below.

I also have a free webinar available daily at https://www.nishoniharvey.com/managing-meltdowns. This webinar, Managing Meltdowns in Autistic Children and Even Stop Them before They Begin, covers seven of the triggers of meltdowns and tantrums in autistic kiddos and how to overcome them.

If you have any questions, you can direct them to my email or message me on Facebook.

Remember, your day is what you make it. May you continue to be blessed, and may the sun continue to shine upon you!

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/AutismParentingCoachABA

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FREE WEBINAR: Managing Meltdowns in Autistic Children and Even Stop Them Before They Begin!


WEBSITE: https://www.nishoniharvey.com

EMAIL: [email protected]


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