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One of the most powerful gifts of being human is our capacity for imagination, including manifesting a life you love.

“Seek first the Kingdom,” the Hawaiian healer said to Michelle, but unlike the rest of the wise souls she encountered, he did not ask her to search for anything; he guided her to look inside to her own personal heaven. That imaginary yet energetic space (your inner garden) is, in many ways the essence of creation.

What you imagine on the inside can then be created on the outside, in real life. Imagine happiness, create happiness; imagine relaxation, create relaxation; imagine being better at something and be better at it; imagine healthy loving supportive relationships and have them.” Scientific Prologue of Mana Gardening, Empower Yourself & Live a Better Life, Kamalani and Shine, PhD

One of the most powerful gifts of being human is our capacity for imagination. Remember when you were a kid and how much fun and creativity you experienced with your imagination? It is an innate and valuable skill we were all born with. Manifesting a life you love is for everyone.

It has been said, “Without imagination and vision, there would be no creation.” 

Einstein knew it deeply.

 “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

—Albert Einstein

In their book, Mana Gardening, Empower Yourself and Live a Better Life, scientists Keti Kamalani and Dr. Michelle Shine share an ancient Hawaiian method of leveraging the human gift of imagination to create a preferred reality while having a lot of fun! They also cite and share over 4o scientific references  to support the power of this technique.

So what is Mana Gardening?

  • An easy, fast and fun way to access your inner wisdom.
  • A simple, native Hawaiian empowerment technique that unifies the body, mind, & spirit.
  • A set of beneficial cognitive-behavioral & transpersonal psychology methods used for creating a life you love.

This access portal connects you to your own Divine nature and assists in creating what you want in your life. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want, using this inner meditation method can help you discover what your heart’s desires truly are. 

It all starts with relaxation. You create in your imagination, an inner heaven your personal version of heaven. Kamalani and Shine call it the inner garden. Once you are relaxed in your heaven, creativity, inner wisdom, intuition, immense relaxation and insights flow. 

The inner garden is your own personal creation, yet sometimes can take on a life of its own, which is the Divine working with you. It is a purely magical space that allows you to envision, taste and savor an experience of what you want before it actually happens. 

As you experience your inner heaven, new neural pathways to an imagined event are created which are subsequently accessed through memory. Every time you relive that imagined experience or “memory”, more neurons go down that pathway. As neurons continue to go down that pathway and access that “memory”, the neural pathway becomes more defined, or we could say, becomes deeper or more well-worn.  Now you have a “memory” to an imagined event that you believe as a possibility. As you experience it, feel it and believe it, it begins to magnetize all of the contributing facets of the universe that will allow it to manifest in your world, in your life. Manifesting a life you love can begin anytime.

Mana is a Hawaiian word for the spiritual power that lives within all things. When you are Mana Gardening, you are accessing that spiritual power to create your version of heaven on Earth.  

Interestingly, this simple and fulfilling technique provides a gateway to deeper states of meditation. If you’ve had trouble meditating, their book is highly recommended. Author Dr. Shine tried meditating for many years without success until she started Mana Gardening. She finally had access to her inner wisdom and deep states of meditation where she received answers to all her questions, prayers and visualizations. The Universal life force energy worked with her to create whatever her heart desired for her life, including relaxation, improved intuition, amazing opportunities, beautiful win-win relationships, a much deeper sense of spiritual connection, happiness, prosperity, the man of her dreams, a mountain house with a view, and so much more. And you can too.

You are a powerful being with a beautiful vision. And the Universe wants to play with you. Empower the wisdom from within with Mana Gardening, Empower Yourself & Live a Better Life

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