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How To Keep Your Plants Watered While You Are On A Holiday

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Nothing is better than a summer holiday away, exploring a new place with your friends and family, and getting some well-needed rest.

It is easy to get busy packing and planning during your holiday. You can forget about what you will be leaving behind. Remember that any plants you have, depend on you to survive, just as any pet would. They, too, need their regular watering even though you might be away.

This is true during the summer when water evaporates rapidly from the soil, and plants can quickly dry out. Luckily, many clever ways to keep plants hydrated while you are not there to care for them.

Indoor versus Outdoor

It would be best to consider how long you will be away from home. Plants are resilient; most should be fine if you leave them alone for a week or less. Taking some safeguards is not a bad idea if you are going for longer than a week. When you do, it is essential to consider your plants’ setting.

The game plan for a backyard garden will differ from that for a windowsill display. 

Make It Easier

Remember that no matter how long your vacation or holiday will be, there are ways to ensure your plants are happy and healthy until you return home. A lot can even be done using recycled materials from around the house. Thus, there is no need to rake the bank.  

No matter which method you use, the first thing to do is to give all your plants a thorough watering before you start. Soak containers, hanging baskets, and pots at the plant base until the water rises above the soil. Allow these things to soak in, and then repeat the process.

Use a hose to water plants in your borders and beds. Leave the hose at the plant’s base for a few minutes, pressing your finger into the soil afterward. Check that the water has soaked at least the first several inches of the soil before moving on to your next plant. Do not sprinkle water on the foliage, as this will evaporate away quickly and can also encourage disease.


The main reason houseplants die is improper watering—mainly from overwatering but also from forgetting and not watering for too long. Blumat makes some of the best vacation houseplant watering products to keep your houseplants watered correctly and happy and healthy. Simple, easy to install, and efficient, your thirsty plants can take care of themselves while you are on holiday or otherwise busy with the rest of your life. If you have a Blumat-savvy garden store nearby, they may give free Blumat classics when you buy an expensive plant. It is a great marketing tool for them because the healthier your houseplants stay, the more likely you will be to buy more. Call their office now at 303.998.1323.

Consider Using Irrigation Methods

If you have the budget for this system, why not? There are numerous different types of irrigation systems on sale. These will allow a controlled amount of water to reach your plants at set times while you are away.

On the other hand, this is a more costly method. But it can aid in putting your mind at peace if you are worried about your thirsty plants running out of water. Or if you plan to be not at home for a more extended period.

Asking a friend or Neighbor

A practical and straightforward way to ensure your plants are looked after while you are away is to have the help of a friend or Neighbor. Be Neighborly. Make sure you offer to return the favor when they are going away! To make things easier for them, you could set up one of the methods listed above. Meaning your plant sitter only has to pop in once or twice to top up the homemade watering systems, rather than every day you are away.

The Takeaway

While a 2-week vacation or holiday might sound dreamy to you, it can be a nightmare for your plants—especially during the hot summer days when they need more consistent attention. With this final to-do list, you are ready to leave home confident your plants will be delicate, minus you. Once you are reunited with your beloved, thirsty greenery, check them for pests, dust off their leaves, and give them a good soak.


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