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Jones Health Agency offers medically underwritten and non-underwritten plans. There are more than ACA marketplace plan options out there. Say goodbye to long waiting periods, and hello to instant access! Our health insurance options allow you to use a private PPO network on the first day of coverage. This means you can get the comprehensive medical care you need when you need it without any delays. With our PPO network, you have access to top-rated healthcare providers that offer high-quality medical services at reduced rates. Enjoy peace of mind with immediate access to quality healthcare services without any waiting periods except for a 30-day waiting period on wellness (annual) exams. Our plans also include access to telemedicine services, prescription drug coverage, dental, vision, and so much more! Plus, our health insurance plans are flexible and tailored to meet your unique needs and budget.

There are options to choose a plan like traditional plans where deductibles are involved to choosing a non-deductible plan. If you have a medical issue that can’t be underwritten, we have a solution for that as well.

If you already have coverage and want us to compare to tell you which is best, we can do that too! We are all about helping other people. If your current plan is better, we will tell you that. We genuinely want to help you.

If your employer plan is more costly because you add your family, call us. If you’re a travel nurse or healthcare professional, call us. If you’re a small business with less than ten to fifteen employees, call us. If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, call us. If you are an individual or family looking for different options, call us. Don’t wait any longer to secure your health and well-being. Sign up for our health insurance options today and get instant access to the best medical care available.

To go along with great insurance, you get to have an excellent agent by your side every step of the way. Kelli is personable, devoted, and loves helping others. She knows all too well the need for health insurance. She works diligently to find the best coverage possible. Her clients become family. She’s there to answer any question they may have, day or night.

We are currently licensed in Tennessee, Texas, Mississippi, Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, and Florida. If your permanent address is not in one of these states, don’t fret! We have business partners that are licensed all around and can help you. Reach out to Kelli at 601-750-5771 or [email protected].

Visit the website at to complete a pre-call questionnaire. We can get a quote as soon as possible for that coverage to begin as early as one to two days after speaking with us.

Please visit us on Facebook at or Instagram at


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