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Business Feature: J&J House of Skills

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J&J House of Skills is the nation’s first and premium mobile basketball and track training company.

My name is Jordan Johnson, and I’m the CEO of J&J House of Skills, the nation’s first and premium mobile basketball and track training company! The mission of my company is to provide access to high-quality equipment and high-quality training to all Georgia athletes regardless of their zip code. My company solved the problem of access to the necessary training and equipment for those who may or may not have access by placing two hoops, a shooting machine, Vertimax, a dribble laser, and other training mechanisms in a trailer! We travel all over Georgia and train athletes as young as five and some overseas professionals wherever they want (backyard, cul de sac, park, beach, etc.) 

I’m a former college basketball player who has also been a charter school administrator at some of the top charter networks in the country (UnCommon Schools NY/NJ) and is currently an elite skills trainer; who has worked with the industry’s best trainers. My brother, Jamal Wilson, is a 2x Olympian High Jumper who held the best mark in the world twice for High Jump. He is also currently a track coach for Clayton State University. 

Our mobile training has been operational for less than a year, and we have created a strong community backing around it. We have even raised 50k through reg crowdfunding; however, we are in need of strategic partnerships with funding to expand our services. 

In less than a year, we have been able to work with some amazing individual athletes and groups; however, it didn’t start that way. We started with free online workouts when the pandemic started, and gyms nationwide shut down. Being who we were, we just knew that everyone would want to train with us. Unfortunately, we didn’t account for the fact that everyone was allowed to call themselves a virtual trainer. This essentially made things challenging for us, as we had no real way to separate from other trainers, legitimate and illegitimate. That prompted me to do something different. I bought a shooting machine, with no real plan! As soon as the machine came in, I realized that I lived in an apartment and had nowhere to store it. That prompted me to look into trailers. The mobile training idea came there. 

In moving to Georgia, I knew that I needed to gain the trust of the community. So I decided to do a skills clinic. When we did our first skills clinic, no one showed up! We decided not to give up, took it as feedback, and continued to press forward. Through determination and continued outreach, we have been able to work with professional athletes and even a military group from the UK that traveled to Atlanta just to train with us!

Not only are our athletes getting quality training and using the best equipment available to grow their game, but they also receive daily lessons on financial literacy, leadership, nutrition, stress management, and entrepreneurship. 

We have already produced Division 1 athletes, professionals, and top-rated athletes in both basketball and track. We are now focusing on creating the next generation of leaders within Georgia/the US.

We have plans to expand both our academy and mobile training service. If you are interested in receiving top-of-the-line training conveniently in Georgia, contact me at 4044424812 or visit our website; www.jjhouseofskills.com. You can check out my Instagram @jjhouseofskills.com.


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