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Business Feature: Fossil Photography

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Fossil   [ fos–uh l ]: any remains, impression, or trace of a living thing and Fossil Photography is all about creating lasting memories.

Fossil Photography has been a woman-owned small business for seven years now. Building Fossil Photography and growing to become the vision that I have always had has taken time and effort and will always be a working progress. Photographers that truly care for their craft, in my opinion, are always looking for ways to grow and evolve. Fossil Photography first opened in St. Louis, Missouri, and has since moved its base to Birmingham, Alabama. We have a partner in the St. Louis area that is available for wedding and engagement bookings. Birmingham, Alabama, is now where the core of Fossil Photography’s business resides.

I am Jessica Priest, the owner of the company. As a child, I was always finding something special in the ordinary. I carried around a fanny pack that I called my treasure bag and would pick up the most random items (some may even call it trash), and I would always find beauty, sentimentality, or mystery in every one of those little treasures. Fast forward to the present, that same innate sense to find precious in the ordinary inspires me as a photographer. Life has plenty of big and grand moments that you will always remember, but oftentimes it is the little unnamable moments that you truly feel when looking back in time.

Your grandmother holding your hand while she tells you how happy she is to be with you, your tiny baby grabbing a lock of your hair like he always did, the love of your life making her biscuit recipe for your slow weekend mornings. These are the things that I am most excited to document. Don’t get me wrong; I love photographing the big moments as well, I just feel like a session is not complete without the genuine, in-between quieter experiences.

Another pillar of Fossil Photography is approaching each job with joy, empathy, and a calm temperament. This isn’t something that is focused on much when photographers are the topic of discussion, but I have found it to be an immensely important part of my work.

Being photographed is an insanely personal thing. Some people are completely comfortable and need nothing from me but my enthusiasm and skills as a photographer. Others need a lot of gentle guidance and someone who can read their level of comfort throughout the process. Parents need to be reassured that their children should be nothing but themselves for a session. Brides need to feel that you have plenty of time to capture all of the beautiful photos that you have planned for. When a client feels safe, comfortable, and celebrated for who they are, the imagery will inherently have a more authentic feel.

The third component of our approach at Fossil Photography is quality and creativity. As I mentioned, we are constantly looking to grow and evolve as artists. Creativity and quality, both during a session and in post-production, are what make our work stand out from the sea of other photographers in the industry.

It is incredibly important to us that your images do not look like the previous session or wedding that we have photographed, only with different people standing in the same poses. We want our clients to feel like themselves in every image and to take advantage of the environment by utilizing unique angles and perspectives. After your photos have been taken, we take time to look through every image and edit with great care.

In the end, we want you to walk away with photos that have an artistic composition that, aside from their visual appeal, makes you feel something. We want you to feel like you were cared for. We want you to be surprised by how fun it turned out to be to have your photos taken with the people that you love. Most of all, we want you to cherish those photographs. To keep them somewhere where you can look at them and remember how those moments in that time felt. We hope to tell a bit of your story.


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