Family Is Important In Our Lives

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A family is a gift from God. A family is bonded by love. A family provides support. A family is a framework of values that each member shares. Family members share life’s wonders, joys, and sorrows. 

A Family is a significant influence on a child’s life. On the day a child is born, he is given an identity. He has a family that he can depend on, protecting him and providing him with his needs. The parents and a family are the first relationships of a child. 

Your childhood is what shapes you. Your family will determine how you function and behave later on in your life. Your family will give you a sense of self and groundwork for the rest of your life. 

The Basic Values Of A Child’s Life.

Your parents are your first teachers. The fundamental values, good manners, and proper conduct are taught. The parents educate the child with morals and values in life, guiding him as he grows up. A child’s character is molded when he is younger. Parents are the guiding force of their being.   

Parents teach their children to be healthy. Parents teach their children to eat the right kinds of food. Create a healthy lifestyle for your children, like playing games, playing sports, developing their social skills, to developing their talents. 

Parents should provide a clean environment for the child. Parents show their children personal hygiene on how to protect themselves from sickness and diseases. Parents should educate them on safeguarding themselves; check out House Cleaning in Ham Lake Minnesota, against germs, bacteria, viruses, etc. With these things in mind, the child will learn to be healthy throughout his life. 

Advantages Of Having A Family.

One great advantage of the family is that they will always be there for you through good times and bad times. You may have a lot of friends or classmates or officemates, and they will be there with you in your happy moments and achievements. But a family is the one who will be there for you in your lowest moments and in your most difficult times. 

Parents are the best people who will understand you more because they know you well than anyone else in this world. They understand your feelings even if you don’t tell them. They can feel your happiness and your troubles. That is why be confident that you will never be alone.

Building A Good Family Is Building A Good Society.

A perfect family is an excellent example for society to portray. Though the family only has a small unit, other families will follow. Later more groups will come next and the next thing you know society will be perfect.

It is good if you have a fine upbringing. What about those families that are not “picture perfect”? There are a lot of dysfunctional families nowadays. Dysfunctional families may come in different forms, but it has a devastating effect on the children, whatever the case may be. 

To name some: There are some families whose parents are not always home leaving their children to care for themselves every day. Parents are always absent due to drug or alcohol abuse or psychological problems. Either way, parents can not perform their daily functions like cooking and feeding their children, going to school, or having no school. 

Children in this situation are forced to assume responsibilities. Parents neglect their duties, so their children will suffer, leading to unassertiveness, poor identity development, and inability to develop healthy interpersonal relationships, making them unproductive affecting society. 

With our technological breakthrough, many people have a newfound excitement. Technology is the baron of all good and evil. It is more challenging to have a perfect family because it hinders family relationships. Technology lessens family time reduces communications, and face-to-face interaction, therefore it is destroying the relationships of families because it decreases the closeness of the family. 

Humans are always looking for faster and better ways to improve their lives, so technology is here to stay, and so is the family. There will be more technological advancements in the future. Balance your life. Embrace technology and embrace your family as well. 

If every family member works hard to keep the family together, it will benefit society. The impact of a family is significant in society, and our society impacts very much in the country. An ideal country lies not on the government but each family member. Each family is the key to a good society.   


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