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Event Streaming Services

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Event Streaming Services is a business that specializes in live video production for on-location events with 4-6 cameras and more if requested.

Event Streaming Services is a company was founded in 2018 by Phil Thalheimer and David Guthrie, both of whom had 20 years of experience, each working at ABC/Disney. The idea for the business came about when Phil and Dave met over pizza in Wake Forest to discuss installing cameras and audio in churches. Phil proposed taking it a step further by adding live streaming production to church productions and other on-location events. This was a cutting-edge idea that was well ahead of the emerging trend.

Ever since the onset of the Covid era, Event Streaming Services has been providing live streaming services for various types of events such as concerts at drive-in theaters, weddings, funerals, corporate events, and in door along with outdoor church services. Clients have the option to click on a personal link to watch the event. It for more public live event streaming we provide an embed code or codes for their website, or websites. The company also offers along with live streaming video, pod casts. The personal links for the live stream are easily accessible with just one click and do not require the viewers to install any additional apps or software.

We also have a feature to stream to Roku, Apple TV and more.

Event Streaming Services live stream video production typically involves the use of 3 to 6 cameras, staging, audio, and lighting, as well as projectors and screens for power points and additional screens for flare. We install everything! Additional screens and projectors can be incorporated to create special effects. The company’s ticketing feature allows clients to generate revenue, especially for concerts, conventions that are sold out and church fundraisers. Moreover, closed captioning is available during the live stream to ensure maximum accessibility for all viewers.

Phil recall’s, We were set up for a 5 camera graduations at the Durham Bulls Athletic park with personal links sent to all parents along with an embed codes for the schools websites and at the last minute a request for an additional stream in Spanish. Many relatives wanted to watch from South America. 

We have folks watching from all over the world, military, watching from different parts of the world well relatives have either passed away, graduated or have just been married they were able to see it live.

Currently, we are working on a Christmas parade complete with announcers, and graphics. Event Streaming Services has their techniques to create an efficient and streamlined live streaming process that eliminates the need for clunky and expensive satellite trucks, as well as multiple layers of labor. Leveraging their experience in multi-camera remote production events, they have developed an interactive live streaming experience that surpasses plain single-handycam web stream events.

All live streams are recorded in high definition, and Event Streaming Services offers same-day replay for clients who may have missed the event or want to watch it again. Furthermore, an edited version of the live stream can be provided for use on websites or other platforms, ensuring that the content can be easily shared with a wider audience.

Their capabilities extend beyond just internet connections and infrastructure, as they have the capacity to deliver coverage of live on-site events even in areas with little or no internet connection. In addition, they can implement interactive Zoom platforms with multiple participants in a live setting that can be simultaneously streamed, placing them ahead of the curve in their field. 

We currently have plans to add 4k in the near future for those who make the request. Event Streaming Services, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, is capable of providing live streaming services anywhere in the US. Their equipment and services are completely mobile, allowing them to travel to any location to set up for an event.

In addition to their live streaming services, Dave and Phil also offer consultation and advice on everything needed for a successful live stream event, and a free on location demonstration. They meet with prospective clients to discuss goals and can work to customize the streaming experience to meet any budget. With their extensive experience in the field, they are well-equipped to provide guidance on all aspects of live streaming, from equipment needs to production values. If you are more interested in handling your on live streaming, they also can build, deliver and install a streaming system for you. 

Regardless of the location, Event Streaming Services is committed to providing top-notch services to their clients, helping them create engaging, interactive live streaming experiences that can be enjoyed by viewers from anywhere in the world.

To learn more about Event Streaming Services visit https://eventstreamingservices.com/ or find them on social media https://www.facebook.com/eventstreamingservice/  


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