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Fixes to Common Social Media Marketing Issues

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Social media provides numerous benefits for its users, especially for companies’ needs for brand growth. These advantages come with various issues that can be avoided through these social media marketing solutions.

Globally, people spend an average of 7 hours of screen time daily. It’s the same time they spend at work or school, maybe even more.

This screen time has continuously increased yearly, and it’s still estimated to grow as more innovative applications flock to the online market. Everything can now take place online. What started as a simple place to answer queries and curiosities has now become an extension of people’s lives. From satisfying their entertainment needs to even providing necessities like food and groceries, social media gives it to every user.

It’s no wonder why most, if not all, companies have taken advantage of its necessity in people’s lives. Everybody is spending more and more time online. Companies see this as the perfect opportunity to boost their presence. With social media’s accessibility, any brand’s excellent online reputation and revenue are now a simple scroll and click away.

Social Media’s Role in Companies

Every company prioritizes the expansion of its reach and audience. Social media is an accessible and easy tool that provides just this. It’s also a powerful means to advertise a company and improve its brand reputation.

While it’s easy to operate, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s as easy to utilize and maximize for companies. Many still struggle to embrace the mechanisms behind its effectiveness. Here are what experts consider as some of the pain points in social media marketing and how companies can avoid falling trap or overcoming these.

Lack of Time to Create Content

Social media is highly competitive, and maximizing it for marketing is dynamic. Within social media is a plethora of platforms offering countless fascinating content. Hence, if companies hope to catch people’s attention, they must compete with others’ content.

Companies can’t bank on simple content and hope they reach the right audience. Instead, they face the constant necessity to innovate and create appropriate content for their target audience. With the demand to come up with fresh content, it’s easy to run out of ideas in time for posting.

As a solution, companies must regularly brainstorm with the team to come up with new topics to discuss. They must also be organized when crafting these topics to ensure that none gets reused and abused throughout their content. There are social media tools that can help solve companies’ usual issues. These social media marketing solutions can help schedule posts on various platforms so people don’t need to do it themselves. They may also be assisted with coming up with trending matters to discuss for the content.

Specific Platforms to Leverage

The social media space offers various platforms depending on people’s demands. This means that while people use social media, what specific platform they’re using daily varies from person to person. Companies might then be confused about where to post to get maximum interaction and benefits. The available platforms can be decreased depending on the company’s target audience. Hence, they must thoroughly research and define their target market to address this issue.

Each social media platform is tailored to the demands and interests of its specific users. Instagram fits those who are more interested in photography or appreciating photos. Twitter is for the shorter and typically the “millennial” content. And Facebook can cater to anyone who enjoys reading longer stories.

Depending on their market, companies can benefit from each platform for different types of content. Knowing who they’re catering to doesn’t just help settle the decision on where to post. It can also help in the creation of the content itself.

Originality to Stand Out

The available competition makes it difficult to stand out and be original. It seems like social media has long been fleshed out that companies often fall to doing the same routine: new daily content, launches, regular trivia, and constant event promotions. Creating a fresh way to market the company’s brand and products is challenging.

Brainstorming for unique and original content can be highly time-consuming, but it’s one of the best processes. Companies may also listen and ask for their customer’s feedback and suggestions regarding their brand presentation. They are constantly exposed to various other brands, meticulously picking which resonates with their interests. Therefore, if a suggestion is beneficial and consequential, it’s the ones coming from them.

Social Media as an Ever-Changing World

Keeping up with the latest trends and coming up with the appropriate content is up there as the most troublesome aspect of social media marketing. Consumers can quickly scroll through a post they deem outdated or uninteresting. Each time this happens, it impacts the company’s process. What social media labels as relevant and trendy changes perhaps almost every day. This is why companies must have a point person in charge of researching through the algorithm and understanding how these changes happen.

Social media marketing can be burdensome if companies don’t spend time and resources trying to comprehend ways to maximize the benefits. For starters, they can look into marketing companies offering services that can reduce their load. Companies like Orange Digital Technologies can be the perfect partners to ensure their content stays on top of the trends and social media algorithms.


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