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Christine Padovan: How I Became A Toxicity Expert

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“In December 2013, I didn’t realize yet that a particular person I met for the first time was going to change the trajectory of the rest of my life.” – Christine Padovan

When my then significant other said about two weeks later that he had told his son to move in with this person so they could save money instead of living separately (my soon to be ex only thinks of money), I immediately told him NOT to encourage his son to do that. I said “this person is bad news” (my exact words), then proceeded to tell him that his son hardly knew this person (they only started dating in November 2013 – met at their mutual probation officer’s office) and I had a very bad feeling about this young woman, and his son needed to get to know this person well first before living together.

Of course, my then-sweetheart ignored my advice and never relayed any such message to his son. This was the start of a family dynamic that destroyed parent-child relationships; destroyed the health of at least two individuals; led to the death of a beloved pet and best friend; led to expensive testing and research showing proven heavy metal poisoning, past suspicious deaths, cyberstalking, invasion of privacy, medical deception and ignorance, police corruption, and inexperience; lies turning stepchildren against their step-parent; lies told to family members to turn them against each other; ended a long term relationship and a lot more.

However, despite being badly poisoned several times, directly and indirectly through this person, I don’t view what happened to me as negative. Even though what I went through was a nightmare. But after meeting the phenomenal toxicologist Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, finding The Carlson Company laboratories in Colorado, and interviewing police about their cases and suspects, talking to poisoning survivors and their loved ones across the country, one thing became very, very clear: current poisoning control centers, police and most so-called toxicologists, including the ones who teach, absolutely have no up to date knowledge on how chronic heavy metal poisoning can create artificial allergies and illnesses and have no understanding of why a hospital test may show nothing but a special forensic test shows everything.

But even more key than that, especially when a UC Davis teaching toxicologist falsely claimed that the only way to find poisoning was through testing blood and urine (he couldn’t read a hair test to save his life, even with the red H’s next to the amounts showing toxic levels), it was very clear that something had to be done and no one else was willing to sound the alarm to change the fields of toxicology, law enforcement, forensic testing, and medical/pharmaceutical industries but me.

What happened to me and others is not only happening in the U.S. but around the world. Yes, poisoning has been around for eons, and it is now a triple threat – accidental, environmental, and intentional poisoning. But intentional poisoning is on the rise. Why? It is easy to hide, especially if it is done in small amounts over long periods of time, to make the illness look like it occurred naturally. It is also being used in a new way – the elements being hidden with nanotechnology, so a regular hospital lab test won’t show anything, or one or two elements may show through but not in their full amounts. A forensic lab using both gas spectrometry AND mass chromatography together will unveil the whole enchilada. Imagine how many murders are occurring because a doctor is fooled into thinking their patient has ulcerated colitis, prescribes expensive meds that interfere with the metals further, and the patient dies a slow, horrible death. How many families are being fooled?

But there is hope for humanity, and here’s why. The survivors and their loved ones I spoke to are like me – highly intuitive individuals that are fully aware of the people and situations around them and what those people are doing, what they say, etc., to make us suspicious of a loved one’s illness or death. These people are also like me in that we know most medical professionals only treat symptoms, and almost no one looks for the root cause of the illness, and I want to know WHY something has happened, especially if I have a person in my family who is always causing drama and committing vengeful acts for the littlest things.

So here I am – here to help people learn to trust their instincts about their health issues and not to take at face value what their doctor tells them about their illness, get properly tested to reveal the root cause of the issue, then do the proper safe treatment so the person can fully recover.

This is critical. We are now in June 2023. Covid-19 vaccine symptoms actually match the main symptoms of heavy metal poisoning – fatigue, headaches, trouble breathing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea/bloody diarrhea, and abdomen pain – so imagine how many people can be affected and believe it has nothing to do with toxicity and believe there isn’t anything they can do about it. (We do have proof from forensic testing of all CV vaccine manufacturers that metal and other toxins have been found in sample testing:  https://rumble.com/v1jodlh-toxic-substances-found-in-covid-vaccines-without-exception-new-german-study.html )

The reality is – you can do something about it! Feel free to reach out if you or a loved one has any of the symptoms related to toxicity. Even if a heart attack seems odd, anything that makes you feel something is off, trust your instincts and reach out for a 2nd opinion on the matter.

Don’t let your ego talk you out from calling; don’t let others’ opinions sway you! I’ll relate to you how I and all my family members, and my clients recovered from artificially created allergies and illnesses by detoxifying safely, even the nanoparticles and restoring our health completely.

Christine Padovan is a Renaissance woman – a blend of both science and spiritual gifts. Her discovery of a group of people slowly poisoning her and others with heavy metal toxins hidden by nanotechnology has led to her creation of https://heavymetalpoisoncenter.com and https://thepaladina.com in educating the world on this new way of creating artificial illnesses and early death in people and changing the medical and law enforcement fields in thoroughly testing victims and clients with forensic style tests that uncover all hidden toxic elements in the body, so the individual can be properly treated through safe, natural detoxification methods.

Christine Padovan is interviewed on radio and television as a toxicity expert in giving health tips on how people and animals can stay safe from accidental, intentional, and environmental toxins with science-based, natural, and safe solutions. Her company Paladina International is a global education resource for teaching how toxicity causes illness, proper detoxification, and proper forensic toxicity testing.

For educational videos, go to https://rumble.com/c/ThePaladina (now on Roku on the Awake Freedom TV channel).

For business partnership and investment inquiries, contact Christine Padovan at 1-904-955-2685 or email her at [email protected]

Donations are always appreciated: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=AMR8A522DE2P2

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