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Business Feature: Kolectic Treasures

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Kolectic Treasures is a small business located in Anniston Alabama, and is owned by Jason and Danny Kellner.

We wanted to create a place for vendors where everyone is welcomed and feels like they are family and friends. We are an almost 19,000 sq ft mall. Kolectic Treasures offer anything from rare and unusual antiques to mid-century modern. We even have lots of handmade and new items as well! We currently are at full capacity with over 200 vendors. We started our vendor mall in the early months of 2017 and have been going strong ever since. We have had to endure a lot of hardships and obstacles to achieve our goal of being known as the best in the area, offering a great shopping experience for our customers and a welcoming atmosphere for our vendors! We must give our vendors credit for always going above and beyond to bring our customers the very best at low prices!!!

We absolutely love helping others and bringing a new spin to Antique vendor Malls; we strive to bring amazing Treasures from all over.

We offer so many unique ways to sell as a vendor with us. We have a live sale page on Facebook, and on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7 pm central standard time and we go live with many different items that our vendors have specially chosen to showcase. We also offer our Kolectic Auction page on Facebook; it is updated daily with many items being offered at very reasonable starting prices. We offer advertising in 4 ways to help anyone who needs it in-store or outside businesses as well.

We are very excited about our growth and our future. It has helped having new businesses open in our complex. Angel Cakes Creamery just opened last August, and they have really helped bring amazing ice cream and tasty food to the area. They have been a blessing to us, and we are very grateful for the support and friendship we have built with the owners. It takes courage and dedication to own a business, especially in this economy. But we’ve been able to make it through so much, with the help of our friends, family, and community, showing love to our store.

We are very excited to announce that we have won number 8 in the United States on Alignable for small businesses. We have also won Next Door’s number 1 award for small businesses. Plus, we have come in first in our local Readers Choice Awards given out by the Anniston Star Newspaper in 5 different categories for many years. We strive to make sure that we can show our customers and vendors that we truly are the best around. We love helping all other small businesses and supporting them to be the best.

We offer many different platforms for our vendors and customers to take advantage of. Such as our buy and bid page, live sales, advertising, Newspaper, and our annual Kolectic Jam Festival we put on every year in November. See below and follow us on all social media platforms. Facebook is our primary platform for all that we do.

-Kolectic Auction page

-Kolectic live sales!

Our Facebook page

-Kolectic Treasures Antique Market

-Kolectic Jam Festival event page

You can also follow me personally at

Jason Kellner page

Our website: http://www.kolectictreasures.com

Plus, shopping at our physical store location at

4406 B McClellan Blvd

Anniston, AL 36206



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