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What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

It is an Alternative Medicine

What is Alternative Medicine?

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Shall we dive very briefly into the deep end of the History of Medicine in America? Yes, we should.

Could we say that it is common knowledge that Western Medicine or Allopathic Medicine, the current dominant medical system here in the West, is thought to be the dominant system simply because it is “the Best”.

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Why wouldn’t that be the natural and logical conclusion of the average person in our society?

After all, we do have the free market place of ideas right here and right now… right?

It could be said that the free market place of ideas is evolution of the capitalistic market place in process, so we can always assume that our society, as it exists today is the best of what has been put forth by the modern mind, to the modern world, right?



Dead wrong.

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The American Medical Association started out as a trade union. Then on a pivotal day, February 9th, 1877, some doctors in Alabama, who wanted to promote science (and their pocket book), cleverly became state legislators and transformed their trade union, the Alabama Medical Association, into a state government agency through the law. The way one of their founders, Jerome Cochran, put it is that they wanted to create a “Medical Legislature”, and they were successful in that. This Medical Legislature had the ability to make laws pertaining to all things medicine, and they did. Can you figure, at first Alternative Medicines were included, as Alternative Medicine’s were equal in market share back then. Though, slowly over the next few decades, they were weeded out of the process. This pattern, was followed suit by every state. This pivotal moment is why we have the dominance of Western Medicine in the Medical Market Place today.

Western Medicine did not win out in the marketplace of free ideas because their approach to medicine is inherently better or more effective—it is because of aggressive and competitive men who sought an advantage to skew society through non-capitalistic means for ultimately a capitalistic purpose.

Shifting gears, going back to our earlier question, “What is Alternative Medicine?”

Alternative Medicine is a large branch of medicine and healing methods, of an incredible variety, where you will find a richness and treasure trove—of ideas, approaches, insights, knowledge, wisdom, and ultimately, healing and a fullness of health.

Here at Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center, we offer to YOU what we do, which is Chinese Herbal Medicine, a key brach of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our Herbal Medicine is derived from the East, and specifically, we use the Traditional Chinese Medicine ideas, which vary slightly from Japanese and other Asian disciplines.

Our Herbal Medicine is incredibly advanced in the way it defines, applies and combines herbs.

Our herbal medicine understands that anything can be healed because the body knows how to self-heal… so long as it has what it needs.

95% of the time, what the body needs is nutrition. If not nutrition, then it is nature—the sun and moon, the wind and water, the sky and earth—that is needed.

Human beings are known to be a microcosm of the larger macro that we call “nature”. Our natural medicine knowledge is cyclical, based in patterns seen and understood within the natural world, the seasons, and true processes understood by way of ancient and modern scientific processes. Our natural medicine is fractal, understanding that just as much as the the smallest part is within the whole, whole is within the smallest part.

Our herbal medicine is 100% accommodating. We can literally conform and create remedies that are as unique as you are. Sometimes, that is too much, and any of the tried and true remedies that have been used and refined over the millennia is all that may be required to attain your goal.

At Heaven & Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center, we begin where you are. If you want to dip your toe in the water, we start there. If you want to dive in, we can do that too.

No matter where you are, we are here to help. We are here to serve you.

We are here to help you get the most of what Chinese Herbal Medicine has to offer, and if I may say so,  it has so much to offer, it is an entire world unto it’s own where anything is possible.

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Where ever you decide to look for us, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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