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A Solid Online Presence: How to Establish It and Why

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Orange Digital Technologies, a relatively new digital marketing agency in the United States, is determined to help its clients establish a strong online presence—but why?

If you look at the history of online influence, the most salient lesson you can take is that there are very few things that are set in stone; the rest stand on shaky ground. There have been plenty of times when successful offline business models fail marvelously; customer expectations are way off the mark, and marketing trends simply veer off into unexpected territory (e.g., just see the Morbius marketing catastrophe).

This is because marketers and business analysts sometimes stick to orthodox or conventional thinking when it comes to examining trends in the online space. Whatever strategies and modes of experience might work traditionally might not necessarily work in the digital landscape; this is because the myriad things on the internet are quite erratic and shift easily and quickly, sometimes overnight. 

For businesses wishing to get a solid footing in the online market and be harbored from the complex and fickle whims of digital trends, they have to establish a firm enough online presence.

Your company or your business might genuinely have great products to offer their clients and a team of incredibly qualified personnel to back you up, but if nobody hears you, then nobody hears you, and everything you have worked for will go to waste—unless your brand is already well-known and has a good bit of popularity in the traditional market. So, it’s extremely important that a business has a dependable presence in the digital market. Without a strategic approach and a contextual understanding of the internet, it will be pretty difficult to make any waves.

The Benefits of Having a Strong Digital Presence

Aside from giving your business a head start, these are the benefits of having a solid online presence:

Community – The best part of having a solid online presence is the audience that you can cultivate. By possessing a sizable and reliable customer base, it becomes easier for a business, especially an upcoming one, to endure any unforeseen agitation. This means more opportunities to grow.

Credibility – A good thing about having an online presence is creating an accessible directory for your audience and potential customers to examine and inquire about your products or services. This helps establish a profile of trustworthiness and validity.

Sustainability – When you already have a solid online presence, that means that you have already established a firm enough foothold in the digital market to weather most debilitating trends without any substantial damage. This means you can now funnel more resources into growing and expanding your reach, experimenting with recent trends, and more.

Visibility – If you have a solid online presence, you have already created a very robust framework for interacting with your customer base and developed a relatively adequate level of credibility with potential consumers. This means that your business has become fairly well-known in either niche circles or the wider industry, which attracts more curiosity and prospective clients.

How to Build A Worthwhile Profile

  1. Maintain a user-friendly experience. When first developing your website or social media page, you should always have the customer in mind and create an experience that is most straightforward and simplest for them so they will always leave your website (whether or not they purchased anything) and leave with a positive impression.
  2. Adopt a mobile strategy. Online shopping is quickly becoming the primary means of consumption by a growing number of the general populace. What does this indicate? This indicates that adjusting your website to be accommodating to mobile phone users can make or break your main business strategies. Failure to conform to the times will alienate you from a vast number of potential users.
  3. Secure your website. Outside of holding an accurate directory of your products and services, the most important aspect of a website is its capacity to accept online payments. This means that it is vital to your bottom line that your website be secured and certified safe as strictly as possible. Don’t scrimp on services and reliable encryption systems because security is a needed investment in this space.

Orange Digital Technologies, a digital marketing agency in the United States, offers a suite of services and options to help businesses establish a solid online presence. Have any questions? Send your inquiries to [email protected], or contact: (619) 695-0098 [Toll-Free Number: 1-855-892-9943].


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