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It’s a jungle out there in the world of commerce, more so in the e-commerce world. How to conquer the market is a challenge most business owners face, especially for startup business owners. A good and effective strategy is needed to successfully win over the market and stay on top of the game. One effective strategy is utilizing web traffic digital technologies. Orange Digital Technologies is a digital marketing company dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses achieve their marketing strategies through effective and measurable digital solutions. And one of those solutions offered by the company is maximizing the use of web traffic through digital technologies.  

Web Traffic: What is it about?

The obvious indicator that the strategies used are effective is based on the number of interested customers and the number of converted potential customers as actual buyers when it comes to sales and marketing. Web traffic works around those numbers. Web traffic refers to the number of website visitors within a specified time frame. Often called “sessions,” measuring web traffic is also an excellent way to measure the effectiveness of online sales and marketing strategies.  

There are different types of web traffic or measuring a website’s effectiveness.

One type of web traffic is called organic traffic. Organic traffic is calculated based on the first landing page result after searching on Google or other search engines. This is usually known as free traffic or unpaid traffic. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of optimizing a website for faster and easier visibility. The main aim of SEO is to ensure that a website is the first result or part of the first landing page’s result that would come up based on any related keyword search. SEO works in conjunction with organic traffic, ensuring that a website gets topmost priority in landing the most number of visitors through organic traffic. 

Another kind of web traffic is known as direct traffic. Direct traffic happens when a user clicks and arrives directly on a website without having to click on another link of another website. 

Referral traffic is a type of web traffic that refers to the website visitors that ends up on a website by clicking on links from other websites or social media, social network, blogs, forums, or other digital platforms. These website visitors are also called “referrals .” Besides SEO activities, increasing link-building activities such as guest blogging, social media commenting, etc., are also being done to increase traffic referrals. 

What helps bring in web traffic?

This is where digital technologies come in. Web traffic digital technologies are the digital solutions or strategies used to increase the number of website visitors or users. These technologies include all kinds of electronic tools, technological devices, automation systems, or other resources that help store, generate, and process data and information. Web traffic digital technology has a significant impact on how a business develops and grows. One of the benefits of using this kind of technology is that it improves a business’s efficiency rate through faster responsive production methods and a faster communication process. The more responsive a business is, the more satisfied the customers are, and the more it will increase sales opportunities and production in the supply chain. 

Some of the examples of web traffic digital technologies are:

Social Media

Social media, or social networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, are currently the most popular web traffic digital technology tools for online marketing. Due to the trend in usage, these are considered the best platforms to maximize customer reach in marketing and sales communication and conversion. So powerful are these tools that anybody or anyone that has a mobile phone and access over the internet in any part of the world can be reached by marketing and sales strategies.  


Perhaps the basic and the core of web traffic digital technology are websites. Websites are at the forefront of storing, processing, and generating data information. Websites are also the best way to communicate with customers. Blogs are posted and optimized through websites. Online stores are built on websites. Social media or social networking platforms are linked to websites. In fact, websites are so multifunctional that they are used to launch a new product or brand, build brand awareness, and are the ultimate foundation for online marketing and sales strategy. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Although SEO is a process and not an actual tool, it is still considered part of web traffic digital technologies and probably the most effectively used strategy in bringing in more website visitors or users. The goal of SEO is to ensure that a website, in this instance, the business’s website, is discoverable, searchable, first search result, and make sure that it stays that way. The search engines or the Google landscape is forever dynamic and changing. Part of the SEO process is to use tools and analytics to stay on top of the search and visibility game to adapt to whatever changes are taking place. SEO can track and process desktop and mobile interfaces through keyword ranking, keyword analysis, site audits, link-building, search visibility, search analytics, and other webpage insights. 

Ready to join and get into the jungle game of online marketing? Be prepared by having the right winning marketing and sales strategies. Be prepared by having the right web traffic digital technology tools on hand. Best of all, get ready by having the right online marketing partner. Contact Orange Digital Technologies now and take advantage of the latest online marketing solutions and services out there in the market today.

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  1. Kyle

    Web marketing is challenging but it does bring in wonderful benefits. I started my business last year and didn’t have much revenue until I invested in a good website. Definitely, recommending this to anyone with a business!


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