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Why is Web Traffic Optimization Important for Law Firms?

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The secret to success for any industry lies in how strategic its marketing method is. 

Ever wonder what makes a small startup company successful? How does a business steadily grow into a booming and thriving trade with consistent monthly sales revenue? The secret ingredient to their success lies in the strategy used by website and marketing companies – Web Traffic Optimization. Web traffic optimization is probably the holy grail of marketing strategies. From marketing apparel brands, hotel brands, and food and beverages, any and every industry under the sun can greatly benefit from using web traffic optimization. 

All the more so when it comes to promoting law firms. The successful bankruptcy law firm, the Law Offices of Ronald E. Stadtmueller, partnered up with Orange Digital Technologies with the marketing goal of promoting their services to a broader audience, hence, helping them in the process establish a reputation as a law firm with a solid and excellent reputation.  

Web Traffic Optimization in a Nutshell

Web Traffic Optimization (WTO) is an online search engine optimization marketing strategy that improves a website’s performance to bring in more traffic or website visitors and increase lead conversions, eventually leading to sales revenue growth. But there’s actually more to WTO than what meets the eye. 

More than just throwing ads and commercials out there for the world to see, WTO ensures that the specific right audience is targeted, not just random individuals out there scanning and scrolling the web and their social media. WTO also provides that positive website experience for each visitor, building on brand reputation and awareness. 

Law Firms & Web Traffic Optimization – the right mix!

Conquering web traffic optimization is the ultimate marketing strategy for law firms. Even the most successful of all law firms can still benefit from this SEO technique. Word of mouth referral is good and remains an excellent way of spreading a law firm’s reputation. But with WTO, a law firm is opened up to a much bigger world of opportunities – more extensive than the world that they’re used to. That’s the power of a good WTO strategy! 

Interested to know more? Here are some of the payoffs of law firms using web traffic optimization strategies:

More Traffic, More Exposure

People need to know the services of a law firm and what they can do for clients. And that’s precisely what web traffic optimization can do for law firms! Blogs by legal firms’ content writers shouldn’t stay hidden and buried away by mounds and mounds of other websites sharing the same contents. A good WTO technique uses high volume, low competition keywords that can pull in more visitors traffic to the law firm’s website, or what is known as the lead generation funnel. 

More traffic means more leads. More leads mean more exposure. More exposure leads to an increase in potential clients for the law firm.       

Dominating the Competition

Dominating the competition means overtaking local competitors in the market or, in this case, overtaking the other competing law firms. Web traffic optimization ensures that a law firm’s website stays at the top 3 of a keyword search result, or at the very least appears on page 1 for every relevant search result. 

Another WTO technique is utilizing “backlinks.” Backlinks are links from other websites that connect to the law firm’s website. The more good quality backlinks, the more the website’s domain authority ranks higher and drives more people over.  

These techniques help potential clients find the right law firms that suit their legal needs, making sure that “the” law firm is the first search result, the first firm they would choose out of all the other competing law firms.  

Positive User Experience

A lot goes into developing a law firm’s website’s positive user experience. This simply translates into that the website visitor achieves their search intent when going through the website and is satisfied with all the details and information that are shown and provided. User experience includes quality content, website speed, domain and page ranking, interactivity, accessibility, and mobile optimization. On the marketing side, a positive user experience includes brand credibility, awareness, and recognition. 

Web traffic optimization addresses all of this. Aside from analyzing a law firm’s website’s health, it seeks to address and resolve whatever issues prevent a user from fully maximizing and enjoying the use of the website. 

A good working website can further solidify a legal firm’s reputation – a reputation stemming from professionalism and excellent service. 

Web traffic optimization is the perfect marketing tool for law firms. Law firms stand a lot to gain from using this online marketing strategy, especially if they’re partnering up with the right digital marketing company that understands their needs and their market. That’s where Orange Digital Technologies comes in. Orange Digital Technologies is a company that caters to its client’s online marketing needs, ensuring an effective and successful outcome amidst a competitive market. Ready to take your law firm to the next level of marketing success? Call now at (619) 695-0098 or toll-free number 1-855-892-9943. 


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