Utilizing Marketing Pillars for Web Digital Campaigns

by | Apr 20, 2022 | Web Digital Campaigns

In today’s generation, where everything can be found and accessed through the internet, most companies have delved into digital marketing, making the online competition tough. Standing out may be difficult, but it isn’t impossible.

An average person spends about seven or more hours of screen time every day. This implies that people are commonly fixated on their phones or other digital gadgets if they aren’t working or studying. After all, people don’t have to go far for their necessities with these continuous advancements. They are provided access to just about anything in their gadgets. With this, multiple companies have learned to utilize this development in communicating and promoting their products to the general public.

Promotions through the internet have been one of the most effective and efficient marketing methods. With people spending most of their time on the internet, digital marketing makes it easy for companies to catch people’s attention and pique their interests. This type of marketing uses different mediums of publication, such as videos, search engine marketing, display ads, and social media posts. Essentially, if a campaign is available on the internet, it’s considered digital marketing.

Developing a Digital Campaign 

In a way, developing a digital campaign is similar to building a house. For a house to be stable and functional, every material must be carefully placed in its respective spots. If a builder misses even just one material, it can make the house unstable and, in extreme situations, collapse under pressure. Such a concept can also be applied in marketing. As a company concerned about its brand and conversion rates, marketers also have certain elements to consider when creating a successful marketing strategy. Miss a component and your advertisement might end up in a lose-lose situation, losing resources while trying to build a campaign and missing any impact on the company.

To establish and execute a successful digital campaign, a company must first accomplish a certain level of understanding or familiarity with their product or the service they’re giving and define the target audience they wish to provide. No company will thrive without having a unique product and a specific target audience. The best method to develop an excellent marketing engagement and drive attention to this product in web digital campaigns is by utilizing the 4Ps.

These include the produce, price, place, and promotion – or essentially, the four pillars of marketing. If marketers work through each of these, enhancing a marketing pitch will come through quickly.

1st P: Product

Before building a marketing strategy, companies must first know the insides and out of the product or service they wish to sell. This includes understanding the product’s strengths, weaknesses, and stand-out points against competitors. This way, companies will be able to highlight the products’ significance to their target audience, enticing them to purchase.

Research. Research. Research. Look for similar products available in the market, familiarize their sale trends – when they sell and who buys them the most – and learn how they are promoted.

2nd P: Price

One way for a product to sell is if it has a suitable price. Since research has been done about similar products and competing brands, the question of pricing should have also been answered. Companies should look at the typical price range of the product – how much are the possible customers expecting to pay for it, and from there, develop a pricing strategy.

Pricing should depend on the product’s category and whether the company aims to become a luxurious or accessible brand for the product. Of course, to identify this, the process should route back to the target audience to consider their lifestyle. Companies don’t want to hang a high price on their product if their target audience is composed of students or middle-class mothers. On top of evaluating the price range, offering discounts or package bundles is also an excellent way to introduce the product.

3rd P: Place

In this internet age, spotting or missing a product placement or advertisement depends solely on where and how it’s placed. The promotional material on the internet is more important than where it appears in the physical world since the former can bring so much more audience than the latter. Remember, placing a campaign on the internet can promote your product globally.

“Place” in digital campaigns also denotes building a decent image, whether through physical or online presence. Customers wouldn’t want to be interested in a product and to have themselves meet a shady or broken website. The website layout is essential when it comes to conversion. Hence, put as much effort into crafting a website as creating a product.

4th P: Promotion

Based on everything established so far, companies can determine the best way to promote their product to lead to more conversion. With multiple promotion channels and styles marketers can venture in, it can be challenging to identify which works best for the product. What they can come up with can make or break the success of the given product.

 Taking It from Here

Indeed, marketing requires a lot of research and hard work from companies. They may need to exhaust resources if they wish to have a successful digital campaign, and some companies might not have enough resources – for instance, time and manpower – to spare. This is where we, Orange Digital Technologies, step in. We are a company whose goals are aligned with helping companies with their digital marketing needs. Want to promote a product to a wider audience? We can do it for you. All you need to prepare is your product information and an idea of how you wish to promote it, and we’ll take the burden off your shoulder afterward.



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