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 There comes a time when you are done with your woodworking projects. Sometimes the results are up to your liking. Sometimes it is not. Nonetheless, adding the right upholstery for that said project can save you a lot of money, not to mention a hard day’s work.

Peculiarly upholstery is one of those words that is used both as the work done to the furniture and the materials needed to do the job. In this case, the work means providing padding, springs, webbing, and covers (either fabric or leather covers) to the desired furniture. More often than not, seats and other seating-related furniture are the recipients of upholstery, but so are beds, outdoor patio furniture, and draperies.  

All in all, there is a lot of reason as to why you should upholster your furniture. Chief among them is the comfort it provides, especially for those wooden chairs. The softness of foam just makes it more comfortable to sit in. Ergonomics is also another major factor in getting your furniture upholstered. Plenty of science has backed that having an adequately upholstered chair can help prevent injury in the long term. Injury is an expensive thing to pay for, and their prevention is well worth every penny spent on making that couch ergonomic. Mind you, doing an upholstery job is expensive too.

Now, I already mentioned that having your furniture upholstered or reupholstered can be very expensive, and let’s face it, such a huge cost is a barrier to entry. Then comes the maintenance. Upholstered materials need to be appropriately maintained to make them last longer.

Upholstered furniture is especially tricky to maintain. There are many things to remember to make sure that all your furniture is kept in tiptop shape. One of these things is sunlight. Specifically avoiding it. You see, some upholstery is made up of delicate fabrics, leather, or leatherette. These materials do not take prolonged exposure to sunlight well. Ultraviolet rays, which, as we all know, are found in sunlight, are known to destroy the life of your upholstery. As such, any upholstered furniture made of sunlight-sensitive materials should be frequently moved to avoid lasting damage. If you think that’s a lot of work, maybe having curtains or putting blinds in your windows sounds like a good plan.

Another thing to invest in to prolong your upholstery are stain protection products. Just as with sunlight, different stain protection products may react with your stain in various manners. To avoid unnecessary chemical damage to your precious upholstered furniture, asking your furniture seller for advice might be the best way to go about things.

Another good piece of advice is to keep the little cards or tags that are attached to your newly upholstered furniture. These tags contain vital information about the style, fabric numbers, delivery date, the body, and cushion content, as well as other crucial details concerning your upholstery. These are really important whenever you decide to reupholster or have your upholstery professionally cleaned.

Yep, those are available too, Professional Upholstery Cleaners. These services are a godsend whenever your upholstery badly needs cleaning. Like all cleaning and home repair services, make sure that you do your diligent research before even hiring one. Be very careful in selecting which service you call. Ensure that they provide proper care to your furniture when they are doing their job.

Excellent and reputable cleaning services like “From Dark to Light Carpet Care,” which know their way around upholstery, are ones to recommend. Although their main focus is cleaning carpets, they also offer upholstery cleaning in Toronto and GTA (Greater Toronto Area). When you call on them, you just know for sure that your beloved furniture is in good hands. They have complete equipment and unique products for every type of upholstery fiber, from polyester and microfiber to velvet and leather.

At the end of the process, they even do aftercare by picking up the excess moisture on your furniture with a white microfiber cloth. You can even ask them to apply Scotchgard™ on your furniture to ensure that the upholstery will be clean for a long, long time. This is a chemical finish that inhibits the attachment of soil.

Find out more about their offers of Carpet care, Tile and Grout cleaning, and pet urine stain and odor removal when you visit their website.


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