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At Up2You Creations, what we create is up 2 you!

Here at Up2You Creations we offer custom crafts. Handmade gifts, such as key chains, necklaces, and more! Up2You Creations is a small business with a small team. However, we take our love for creating and turn it into personalized gifts for our customers.

The business was established back in 2014 and the growth has been slow and steady. However, we are making quite a few changes and anticipate 2023-24 to be progressive for Up2You Creations.

Some of the changes we’ve made are upgrading our team, and completely revamping our inventory. Going from mostly crocheted and knitted products. Like scarves and diaper covers. To decals, stickers, key chain and more new products to come!

Let’s introduce the team!

Up2You Creation was created by Maria, a mom, grandmother, and a trucker’s wife. Also, obviously a small business owner. Part of her inspiration, to start the journey, stemmed from wanting to show her children that dreams don’t have a time limit. If your passionate enough about something, not to let anything stand in your way.

She also hopes to teach her daughters that woman can be the boss and do anything we set our minds to. This business is her dream and happy customers who enjoy our handmade gifts, is the goal. Something she’s never given up on.

Up2You Creations Jewelry.  Samantha is the creator of the jewelry that our company offers. At the moment she is only focusing on necklaces. Using polymer clay for most of her pieces, but also is

learning how to expand her skill set. Looking into wire wrapping and how to make other Jewelry. Her goal is to promote confidence. And her target audience is young adults and teenagers who may be able to find their style in her unique pieces.

Up2You Creations Bath Essentials. Kayla, the newest member of our team, her products are still in the process of coming into production. She’s going to be adding another level of creations and creativity to our business. 

Her product focus will be on bath bombs, hand soaps, lotions and more. All products which will slowly start to roll out somewhere between this year and next. (2023-24) Her goal is to remind everyone to take a break, and relax, it’s okay. She strives to promote self – care using natural products to ensure tranquility.

Our goal:

Our goal as a team is to express creativity in our products. To create unique products that can feel like you. Or personalized gifts to make an experience more special. We want people to find joy in what we create as a team.

Our goal is to attract more customers to our business so we can share our work with others. As well as wanting to expand our business and hear feedback from our customers. We are more than happy to take in ideas from everyone. To help truly express your interest and creativity in your personalized or custom items as well. Because here at Up2You creations We create with your interest in mind. We create for you.



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