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Tornado-Proof Backyard Garden Storage Sheds

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By David Pressler, Owner DRD Enterprise Inc of Davie

What the metal shed industry does not want the public to know about Tornado-Proof Backyard Garden Storage Sheds

 Tornado-Proof Backyard Garden Storage Sheds are the future. In August 1992 Hurricane Andrew atruck South Florida flattening many areas. As a Miami Dade County firefigher at this time I realized the need for more safe rooms and stronger homes.

Within Hurricane Andrew were numerous tornadoes so this was a warning that if your home is not tornado- proof it is not hurricane-proof.

From this event I began to design and build a tornado-proof portable backyard safe room. Many safe rooms are on the market but most have a one single use that may never come. Using the strongest known design, the dome, I designed a portable 8-ton monolithic concrete dome 10 feet in diameter, 9 feet high with a 48-inch wide steel door allowing storage for ATV / golf cart. Rule of thumb time to find shelter 15 min or less.

Finding victims buried under debris above ground is very difficult. To find a victim buried under-ground and under debris without cell service is impossible.


First safedome built was in my friends backyard and weighed over 11 tons. From the newly leased construction yard Davie, Florida is where the production of multiple units for sale began in earnest. First dome sold went to the Burton Family West Palm Beach, Florida. In 2004 their mobile home was destroyed by a hurricane and they wanted a safe room. Within six weeks of delivery the eye of Hurricane Wilma with 140 mph continuous winds went down Gun Club Road that the Burton’s lived on. In the television interview post Hurricane Wilma by the local station Roy Burton said if not for the sound of metal flying he would not have known there was a hurricane. Strength of a dome comes from its shape and design, no uplift no wind resistance worst scenario is that above 250 mph winds the dome might begin to slide.

When Miami Dade County Florida needed a storage shed and protection for their personnel stationed remotely in the Everglades they chose a safedome.

When the Department of Defense Fort Sill OK needed tornado storm shelters for the troops they chose safedomes.

DRD Enterprises Inc. of Davie believes that storms will be larger and stronger in the future and that having Tornado-Proof Backyard Garden Storage Sheds in the backyard will be the wisest investment for families.

Want to know more about tornado-proof homes and safe rooms visit my web site www.safedomes.com. BTW concrete domes can also be a DIY project.


  1. Mylene

    I really needed this! The weather’s not been swell lately and last year. like things are going for the worse, weather-wise.

    • Mary

      I know what you mean, brother. I just reinforced my basement for when the worst comes.


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