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Top Marketing Materials to Drive Business Value

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Marketing materials are essential in starting and growing any business, even in this age of digital marketing.

There is no successful business in history that did not rely on marketing materials. From calling cards to promotional videos, marketing materials form an integral part of any business or industry marketing strategy. Even the largest of digital companies once relied on business cards and printed portfolios. Today, Orange Digital Technologies will examine the top marketing materials that drive business value to companies and enterprises.

First, let us revisit the definition of marketing materials. For Orange Digital Technologies, marketing materials are materials used to promote the products or services of any brand, company, or business. Marketing materials range from print materials like business cards, posters, and flyers to digital catalogs and magazines. These materials are used to communicate a company’s brand with the hopes of convincing customers to avail or patronize their products or services. Below are the top marketing materials that we think are essential for driving high market value to your business.

Well-Designed Print Materials

Before the age of digital marketing services, entrepreneurs rely heavily on print to promote their business. Today, print materials remain an essential part of business marketing. Business cards, logos, brochures, letterheads, product sheets, outdoor signages, coupons, flyers, presentation folders, and many more are all under print materials. Each one of those also has a specific target. 

A Business Website with Blogs

It’s hard to compete in today’s business world without a running website. Almost every business has it. People search for products and services online nowadays. But it’s never enough to have a website with just a Home Page or a Contact Page. It has to be dynamic. It should be SEO-ready (Search Optimization Engine), so it can drive more visitors. Blogs and content are also essential in making sure that your website is noticed online.

Digital Catalogs and Magazines

Digital catalogs and online magazines are the latest trends as far as communicating your products digitally. They are perfect for companies that want to showcase a wide variety of products and services. They contain product information, package deals, and other information for customers. Digital catalogs and magazines also guide customers in making informed and wise decisions such as availing of promos and discounts or subscriptions.

Amazing Promotional Products

Promotional materials such as freebies, discount coupons, thank you cards, and posters are also part of marketing materials. We categorize them with print materials simply because the promotional materials cover many items, including mugs, t-shirts, keychains, calendars, toys, planners, loyalty cards, pens, caps, bags, and loads of other items. As long as you can print your logo and business details on it, they’re good to go. And yes, people love promotional products, especially if you give them for free.

Promotional Videos/Infographics

Social media and YouTube are the two leading digital platforms today. It is no wonder every business and brand wants to be on social media and YouTube. Uploading promotional videos on your digital platforms and accounts is one way to be noticed online. It can drive traffic to your website, and the more traffic, the more opportunity for sales. It’s also the same with infographics or visual-based content. They are engaging and easier to absorb. They attract interest compared to text-based materials. Today there are many ways to create promotional videos and infographics. You can shoot short films, music videos, or do 3D animation.

Orange Digital Technologies is a digital marketing company that aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises gain their footing in an increasingly competitive market. We help our clients create a solid digital presence to enable them to connect with their tech-savvy target audience, drive sales, and boost customer engagement and bottom line. ODT also offers digital marketing services such as web design, content, social media management, marketing materials, videos, Google advertising, and Web Traffic Optimization.


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