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Master Drywall Texture Pattern Makers: The Patch Boys

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The Patch Boys are experts in drywall repair and matching drywall texture patterns. Their reliability and dedication will have clients pleasantly surprised!

The Patch Boys of St. Louis have always made it a mission to deliver high-quality, dedicated service and results to the communities they operate in. Every job they accept is a personal endeavor; they are sure to finish to the best of their abilities. Over a decade of committed work, countless patched cracks, fixed walls, and restored plaster, they have built a reputation for honest, superior workmanship. Whatever drywall damage, defacement, or destruction you encounter, the Patch Boys are certain they can fix it like nothing ever happened at all. 

But few know that the Patch Boys also have a flair for creativity. They are undisputed experts at texturing drywall. If you want a close-to-pristine fix or an aesthetic improvement, they are capable of matching any drywall texture pattern you are looking for!

What Are Drywall Texture Patterns?

The modern aesthetic sensibility has shifted more towards a minimalist flat, colorless façade, but for homeowners looking to add a bit more character and personality to their spaces, the addition of drywall texture patterns is a cheap alternative to a full-on renovation. Drywall texturing is even a solution to hide inherent architectural and design imperfections.

What Patterns Do the Patch Boys Know Of?

These are seven common drywall texture patterns that The Patch Boys have ample experience with:

Popcorn Texture Pattern. This pattern trended during the 60s and the 70s. It gained popularity because of its bumpy, embossed texture that seemed as if popcorn had burst over its surface; however, when it was discovered that the materials used for it then contained harmful asbestos, its appeal quickly declined. Anyhow, modern popcorn texture patterns have foregone asbestos and are completely safe. 

Orange Peel Wall Texture. This pattern is noted for its orange peel-like aesthetic, which has tiny particles that make its surface appear uneven. But unlike the popcorn pattern, the uneven look of the orange peel wall texture is not translated to its physical texture; surprisingly, an orange peel wall texture is quite smooth in texture and attractive for homeowners who want the visual aesthetic of a popcorn pattern but do not want its lumpy texture. 

Venetian Wall Texture. This is a wall texture type that is regarded for its ancient look; it uses lime or marble dust with a stucco rendering to display a surface that looks like marble. It is one of the oldest patterns and was popularized by artists who worked on wall textures in Venice during the height of its power between 726 and 1797. The Venetian wall texture is brilliant for homeowners who want a classy look but find marble too expensive.

Knockdown Wall Texture. This is a pattern that depicts a cavern wall-ish look, adding a naturalistic and mottled texture alongside an impactful visual. 

Slap Brush Texture Pattern. This pattern is known for its spread-out lines and highly varied look that provides a certain topographic style. However, the slap brush texture pattern can be made more polished.

Sand-Textured Wall. This pattern offers a gritty and coarse texture for the surface. The sand-textured wall pattern is very useful for spaces that demand a versatile color palette and tones.

Sand Swirl Pattern. A variation of the sand-textured wall pattern; proper application of a sand swirl pattern leads to very beautiful wave-like textures on the surface of the wall.

Comb Wall Texture. A more fitting name for this sort of pattern should be the cross-hatched texture because of its overlapping lines and swirls. The repetitive patterns made by the comb wall texture have made it a classic style for new homeowners. 

Rosebud Wall Texture. A variant of the slap brush texture pattern, the rosebud wall texture is famed for its floral patterns that are commonly similar to rosebuds.

Lace-Textured Wall. A very modern wall texture, lace-textured wall patterns are known for their delicate and intricate styles that evoke a dramatic visual. There are multiple variations of the textured lace wall, like the Spanish lace that is popular in Europe.

Why Choose the Patch Boys for Drywall Patterns

With their consistent work ethic and open-minded style, the Patch Boys are definitely the best choice if you are looking for quality results and a stress-free experience. They will have your drab walls textured and look more appealing in no time!


  1. Yelena

    Texture patterns in drywall can be used as a natural decoration for your house if you get the right people.

    • Merna

      Nowadays, expensive art and decors are outdated. Try experimenting with wall textures and painting styles for your interiors.

    • Sophia

      Nowadays, expensive art and decors are outdated. Try experimenting with wall textures and painting styles for your interiors.


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