That So-Called Curb House Appeal

by | Mar 10, 2022 | Featured Article

Are you planning to sell your home soon or in the future? To get the best selling price:

  1. Take some time right now to get it ready. While you may need to tackle fundamental repair issues first, these more straightforward cosmetic improvements can help furnish your home and set the tone for that quicker sale.
  2. Be reminded to put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer before you have your house listed for sale.
  3. Look crucially at your space to see what might be updated, cleared out, or posh up. You may find that many times, there are simple fixes that will make all the difference.

On the contrary, it can be challenging to improve and enhance the visual appearance of your home, especially in winter when snow and ice play mischief. Yet improving curb appeal could be just what you need to shift the “for sale” sign to sold!

If you are looking for ways to spruce up the outside of your property to attract potential homebuyers, then this is the article for you! Start with these six tips.

Tip #1: Make Your Porch Pop.   You see, there are many ways to make your porch more striking among other homes. The simplest way is to add color to your front door! Go bold and bright to grab attention. Also, consider some floral designs and possibly new doorknobs to complete the look. Trees or potted plants on the front steps can help give your home an appealing and more friendly look. Depending on the season, these can be switched out, along with a cute doormat to welcome interested buyers. Try lining your entryway with plastic planters to keep costs down!

Tip #2: Get Rid of Junk. Ensure your patio, front yard, and driveaway are free of debris and junk. Store away tools and toys and fallen sticks or leaves cleared away. Take time to weed your garden, clean your gutters, or bring unnecessary items to the dump. A yard with a clean and fresh look can make a big difference in impressing buyers.

Tip #3: Add Some Light. Did you know that lighting can make your home look inviting from day until night? A simple change like enhancing old light fixtures to more modern and functional ones can make a huge difference! Moreover, you can also try ways to add light without needing electrical experience. Lawn lights and solar lanterns are popular. They help light the way to your home’s entrance. Proper lighting gives buyers a sense of security and safety. 

Tip #4. Clean and Pressure Wash. Give your home’s exterior a refreshed look by pressure washing the gutters, driveways, siding (Maryland Siding Experts in Dundalk, MD are the best!), and fences. You can also pressure wash the garage and apply a fresh coat of paint! Further, consider your driveway (an asphalt to be exact), which is easier to maintain and less likely to crack. Have it repaved for a smoother look if you already have asphalt.

Tip #5. Style Bathrooms and Kitchens. A house consists of many rooms, but most realtors will tell you that the two that people see first and remember most (meaning, sell more homes than any other rooms) are the bathroom and the kitchen. So if you’re looking to sell now, make sure that these two rooms get a little extra attention and care. Even when a whole remodel isn’t in the cards, there are still a few simple things that you can do. Try wallpapering your bathroom for a beautiful new look. And in the kitchen, you’ll be in awe to see how much you can accomplish with the right backsplash.

Tip #6. Paint. Any severe flaws in the paint job on your walls will need to be covered, but this is about more than maintenance. A potential buyer needs to see him (or herself) in the space, and the color of the walls has a lot to do with how clear that vision can be, more than anything. When repainting with an intent to sell, neutral colors are best. However, that doesn’t mean that everything begins and ends with white. There are many neutral colors, including a range of soothing gray tones that could be just what they’re looking for.

The housing market is aggressive; are you ready to sell your home?


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