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Ten Essential Digital Marketing Tips for New Businesses

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Digital Marketing is the future, and Orange Digital Technologies presents these ten important tips for those building their enterprise.

Any business needs a good business strategy- sound, flexible, and doable. However, the devil is in the details, and digital marketing for any business can be a bit complicated if basic elements are not present. Hence, Orange Digital Technologies came up with a ten-item list of what we think every business should consider if they want to be on top of the game.

Continuous Research and Study

Starting a business is a constant game of research and strategies. Any entrepreneur who does not study the market, the competition, trends, and progress is doomed to fail. Digital marketing requires continuous research on one’s position, especially regarding online visibility, compared to competitors. Google Search plays a vital role in every business. Hence, it is essential to stay updated- rankings, reviews, algorithms, and other significant information and figures.

Ensure Basic Pages on Website

Business Website is a central component in digital marketing. It serves as your base of operation online and a platform to further expand your online visibility and cement your reputation as a legitimate business. Therefore, it is quintessential that your website contains the basin pages and information- Home Page, About Us, Product Page, etc. An excellent domain name also plays a huge advantage for your business.

Work on Link building and Reviews

Start-up businesses must prioritize building their reputation and legitimacy. Therefore, it’s essential to do extensive link building. There are four major types of links- Organic, Outreach, Owned, and Social Shares. To increase your website’s visibility, you must cater to all four extensively. On the other hand, Customer Reviews will cement the legitimacy of your business online.

Produce Fresh and Relevant Blogs

Content is king. It was true almost a decade ago; it still remains true today. The primary way to communicate with your target audience is fresh, unique, and relevant content. Article blogs that talk about your product, updates, and business are key elements that will help increase site visits, engagements, and links.

Invest in Powerful Visual Content

Of course, it is not only articles that matter. Visual content is a powerful tool to spread the message. If you hope to compete with other brands, you must utilize the full potential of visuals- relevant photos, infographics, and engaging videos. Over a billion users are logging into YouTube each month.

Make Local SEO a priority as well

Most new businesses are started as local businesses. So it makes perfect sense to focus and work on your local SEO if you are a local business. One way to do it is to work on Google My Business. It is easy and free and yet can significantly impact your business. Another area improving your local SEO is building local links from newspaper sites, local bloggers, local awards, festivals, local industries (even local competitions), and sponsorship sites.

Prioritize a Social Media Channel.

There are several social media platforms you should engage. However, you should see a primary social media channel that you should focus on. Seek the one that best suits your business and your brand. Almost 80% of the consumers still rely on social media for product choices and purchasing decisions. The trick is to know what platform is good for you.

Create an Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing strategy is among the foundation of digital marketing. If done right, email marketing can help you make a breakthrough. Just make sure to remember the essential components of a successful marketing email- CTA (call to action), Segmentation and Suppression, Compelling Subject Line, Excellent Content, Personalization, Testing and Previewing, and Unsubscribe and Email preferences.

Mobile Marketing is the new future

Majority of the people who use the Internet nowadays are not using desktops anymore. They are using smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Therefore, you must optimize your website for mobile users. Mobile marketing is the new future for digital marketing. The business that invests in excellent mobile user interface and user experience will come out on top. Always.

Monitor Your Progress | Campaigns

Digital Marketing means constant campaigning and coming up with brilliant strategies that will improve your position not only in Google rankings but with your target audience. To do so, constant monitoring of progress, algorithms, figures, and reviews is necessary for any serious entrepreneur.

These are just essential digital marketing tips that we think will help any business succeed. Precedence and experience have proven that these ideas have greatly helped thousands of businesses grow and stay longer in the game.

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  1. Leif

    Everything now is digital and if one intends to stay on top ofthe game and ahead of the competition, then digital marketing is the key. I think the tips above are all very important and relevant in today’s ever-changing digital marketing world.


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