Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

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Despite being young, digital marketing has continuously evolved, but social media has made digital tech and B2B marketing services more significant.

Although there were some recent trials and tribulations among the major social media platforms, they need to be more significant to destroy their value to their billions of users.

As such, a business deciding to step back in utilizing the benefits of social media is nothing short of financial suicide, primarily if you rely on the internet to market your products and services.

Unless you already have a multinational, multibillion-dollar corporation that can survive the absence of a social media presence, you will have to learn to adapt to the many changes that will always come.

The marketing landscape for business-to-business (B2B) entities has always been active; it is like the ocean. It might be calm on the surface, but beneath it, there is business (no pun intended) afoot.

Advancements in personal technology like smartphones and laptops have entirely upended conventional marketing strategies that, for decades, have relied on radio, television, and other traditional media.

The advent of social media has only sped up the process, having become an integral part of global and local trade. How consumers engaged with the market twenty years ago is completely different from how they engage now.

With these rapid changes, businesses must catch up to the latest trends to survive and, ultimately, succeed. 

It’s a “dog eat dog” world out there, and knowledge is indeed handy. That is why, more than ever, digital tech and B2B marketing services are vital.

But, a frenetic climate does not mean that core B2B marketing strategies have become total duds; it simply means that there is a need to adapt swiftly and effectively.

Trends to Watch Out For

Influencer Marketing

An influencer is an individual famous enough that they can wield their fame to the degree that their endorsements of products and services benefit the companies that own them. An influencer can conduct a more prominent, wider-reaching word-of-mouth campaign than conventional strategies.

Pre-social media, celebrities were the only influencers.

Now, in a society increasingly integrated with the digital space, almost anyone can become an influencer by either appealing to a niche audience or being interesting enough to capture the lowest common denominator.

Working with an influencer allows businesses the distinct advantage of attracting an already-engaged audience who, despite their low numbers, are quite proactive in their engagements with influencers.

Social Media Optimization

Although search engine optimization remains an essential bedrock of any digital marketing strategy, social media optimization is also becoming equally important.

Now that a larger share of internet users are social media users, grabbing a foothold in social media searches is necessary.

Optimizing social media outreach means managing and growing the business’s message and online presence, especially on the platform of choice (although adopting a multi-platform strategy is highly advised, if possible).

Social media is fast becoming an avenue for businesses to increase awareness of their products and services, providing current news and updates while also being the space for effective public relations campaigns.

Dark Social Campaigns

An increasing phenomenon is dark social, the cross-platform sharing of content that cannot be tracked entirely.

Dark social can be sharing content through email or private messaging apps; it can also be as simple as just copying a link into a note-taking app and later clicking it.

These methods are difficult to attribute and, as such, are counted together with direct sources.

A web analytics tool can tally every website accessed from a link shared via email, messaging app, or hyperlink.

However, software limitations cannot fully determine from where so it lumps it under the direct sources label (website access through secure browsing is also counted as a direct source).

This makes these referrals, which are often the lion’s share of traffic, functionally invisible since they cannot be sorted out properly; thus, businesses should take advantage of marketing strategies that use dark socials.

This makes these referrals, which are often the lion’s share of traffic, functionally invisible since they cannot be sorted out properly; thus, businesses should take advantage of marketing strategies that use dark socials.


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