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3 Signs You Need Professional Drywall Repair

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A lot of times when professional drywall services are necessary. However, the key is knowing when.

It happens in an instant! You are moving appliances from one area to another when a corner of your table rams into the wall creating a hole. Drywall damage occurs in various ways. From the leaky roof to gaps in the drywall caused by a nail, there are countless reasons you need drywall repair.

You can likely do that yourself when it comes to minor nicks and holes in the wall. However, there are many times when you do need help. Below are three signs you need a professional drywall repair.

Three Signs To Have Professional Drywall Repair

1. Large Holes. Repairing a small hole in drywall is straightforward, but larger holes are more complex. Sometimes, you might need an entire sheet of drywall replaced to fix a big hole. In other instances, the hole might extend over multiple pieces of drywall, making it challenging to repair. A professional drywall repair service has the necessary skills to handle the repairs.

Professional contractors are typically called in for more extensive hole repairs; for example, when you moved a cabinet into the den and rammed a corner through your drywall. Professionals are great at repairing large holes or significant damage in drywall. You might also need to call a drywall repair technician if you are experiencing pop-out screws. This usually occurs in new construction after a home has had time to settle.

Drywall installers can make minor or massive repairs, ensuring that everything blends seamlessly. With the right professionals, you will never be able to tell where you body-checked your brother through a wall playing indoor hockey.

2. Water Damage. Many homeowners and business property owners can experience a diversity of water damage. Most moisture issues stem from plumbing or roof leaks. Unfortunately, the discoloration of drywall does not occur immediately. Thus, it might take a home or property owner a while to notice. Should you have a drywall issue caused by water, it is almost always necessary to hire a team of professionals to repair it. The major challenge with drywall that has water damage is ensuring that you remove enough. Only some of the defacement is easy to see. You do need a professional drywall repair service to replace and remove all the damage, or you might have mold behind your walls.

When dealing with construction professionals, they can identify problem areas quicker than you can. Hiring the fitted or right people for the right job means you save money and time.

It is wise to hire a drywall installer over any Do-It-Yourself method. When facing leaks, you need to solve the more profound issue before repairing the damage; doing the opposite will only save money and material. 

While determining leaks might be challenging when they are new, it is not impossible. Some of the early signs of leaking leaks or pipes in general include:

  • Condensation on the walls or ceiling;
  • Bubbling paint; and
  • Surface Discoloration.

3. Large Cracks. Sometimes, you do not have a small hole in your drywall but a large crack. It may be a large horizontal or vertical crack, thin or wide. When this happens, you need professional help to repair the damage without enlarging it. 

Also, during the natural lifespan of drywall, cracks will and can appear. Some people see cracks and dents and pull out the sledgehammer immediately, ready to tear out and replace the damaged pieces — this is an overreaction.

In most instances, cracks and dents require minimal effort to repair or patch. Despite the potential ease of repair, most specialists still recommend hiring a professional. A licensed professional has more skills than the average homeowner, meaning their restoration is likely better than the average person’s. If you want your home to look pristine, hire a drywall professional.

Are You Looking For A Drywall Professional?

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  1. John

    After reading this, a part of my home might actually need a professional drywall repair. Can you guys help me out?

    • Stephen

      Hi! Yes, we can definitely help you out with your drywall repair needs. We can connect you with The Patch Boys, and they’ll be the ones to take it from there!


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