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Search Engine Marketing and Orange Digital Technology

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Orange Digital Technologies prides itself in providing top-of-the-line Search Engine Marketing services.

Ever since the ban on online advertising was lifted back in 1991, people have worked tirelessly to figure out the best way how to peddle their goods and services around the Internet. The result is the Online Advertising we currently have now.

Many names know this online advertising. In online marketing, internet advertising, digital advertising, or web advertising, the principle is the same, no matter the name. Online marketing is a type of marketing that uses the Internet as a way for businesses to peddle their goods and services to the public. Online marketing has many approaches, with some like email marketing and a few types of display advertising (namely pop-up ads) having fallen out of favor and outright being discouraged.

However, among these approaches is something related to search engine marketing, which is called the Online Marketing Platform. However, before we can even talk about that, let’s talk about search engine marketing or SEM.

Search Engine Marketing

 Search engine marketing is an approach to digital marketing that mainly uses the search engine results page (SERP) as a way for businesses to gain visibility and, in the end, at least gain customers. There are two ways to do this. One is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is an attempt by websites to organically improve their rankings on SERPs. The other is through sponsored searches which basically allows advertisers to be included in sponsored or paid results whenever a keyword is searched for. 

Keywords and keyword research is a very important part of Search Engine Marketing in general as they are the main “currency” used for searches around the Internet. As such, competition for content among certain keywords is very strong.

To clarify, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are two very different but related things. The former is a whole marketing concept that includes paid promotion and the latter. The latter, however, is just a part of the concept of search engine marketing, specifically the free organic part.

Search Engine Optimization and Content

Search Engine Optimization is a tedious yet vital task for the success of a website or business. Due to the organic nature of searches, search engine results are very dynamic. And as such, strategies must be devised for a website to remain among the top-ranked on a Search Engine Results page. One such way is to make content.

On the Internet, CONTENT IS KING. Content is what makes a website attractive to users. The logic for this is simple, actually. The number of visits (the number of times a website is viewed in a certain period) and the number of unique visitors (the actual number of people viewing a certain website) make up website traffic. Website traffic is basically a rough estimate of how often people visit your website. These people can be considered your potential customers. Now, it is a commonly held belief that what really drives traffic to a website is content. This content can include blogs, vlogs, memes, etc., basically whatever it is that your website is offering. The better content a website has, the higher chance it has getting traffic. The higher the traffic, the more potential customers. Simple right?

Online Marketing Platforms

 Online marketing platforms or OMPs are integrated web-based platforms that combine a localized search engine, an SEO tool, customer relationship management package, a business directory, and content management systems. They are like the yellow pages and directories of the real world and then some.

Orange Digital Technologies

 Among the multiple Online Marketing Platforms found across the Internet, Orange Digital Technologies is something to note. Orange Digital Technologies is a digital service provider that offers multiple online marketing solutions to businesses at full speed. Orange Digital Technologies aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises to be competitive in the online world. It is among the top 100 marketing blogs to read in 2022, according to https://blog.feedspot.com/marketing_blogs/. Orange Digital Technologies aims for stronger web visibility and efficient performance for its customers. It aims for excellent results that generate real success. Among the services that Orange Digital Technologies provide include Content marketing and Web Traffic Optimization. They also help design Logos for their customers and help them craft the best Marketing materials, among others.

Find out more about Orange Digital Technologies by visiting their website or emailing them through [email protected]

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