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Business Feature: Rx Message On Hold

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At Rx Message On Hold, we offer a solution that helps independent pharmacies recover from shrinking profit margins, supply chain disruptions, and staffing shortages.

Many independent pharmacy owners have been working overtime, docking their own pay, and doing everything they can to even just answer the phone. But we have good news.  Rx Message On Hold is an easy and affordable solution that helps drive sales and increase profit for independent pharmacies.

Many independent pharmacies are fighting to keep customers and overcome threats to their bottom line.  One of the best ways to combat this is to operate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible with innovative solutions.  One of those solutions is Rx Message On Hold.

While taking phone calls can be challenging, Rx Message On Hold can help.  We deliver customized phone messages for your pharmacy that can promote and sell for you while your customers wait on hold.  It’s easy to use, it works with almost any phone system, and all the details are handled for you. Here are some interesting facts:

Did you know 7 out of 10 callers are placed on hold, but with Rx Message On Hold you can reduce caller hang-ups by almost 79%?


16% of callers make a purchase as a result of an on-hold sales message they heard while waiting on the phone.

Our professional, radio-style, custom messages will strengthen customer loyalty and promote your most profitable products and services. And right now, we are running a special!  You can try Rx Message On Hold for 14 days free with no contracts or hidden obligations.  Even better, we have three pricing packages to help pharmacies of every size. Here’s how you can get started.

First, let’s review the packages we offer.

Our Premium Package offers up to 20 topics for each monthly recording, has unlimited message changes, access to our Pharmacy Marketing Kit, custom message options, access to our exclusive Audio Library, our professionally branded Master Ad Series with custom creative content, deluxe music, and a multiple voice talent mix, custom length ads to meet phone system time-limit requirements, free custom phone greetings and phone tree prompts, and automatic message uploads to any accommodating VoIP system.  The Premium Package is just $179/month.

Our Basic Package offers up to 5 topics for each monthly recording, message changes up to one time per month, and access to our Pharmacy Marketing Kit.  It is just $109/month. And, our Business Package offers up to 10 topics for each monthly recording, message changes up to one time per month, access to our Pharmacy Marketing Kit, custom message options, and access to our exclusive Audio Library.  This package is just $139/month and it’s our most popular level of service.

We know you’re busy.  Let us handle the sale for you with our customized on-hold messages.  Callers are prone to hang up when they hear silence on the line.  Research clearly shows that callers stay on-hold up to 25% longer when listening to Rx Message On Hold.

Don’t lose an opportunity for a sale.  Your custom message will create brand recognition, strengthen customer loyalty, and promote your most valuable products and services. So, let our customized phone messages make the sale for you!  Try us now!  Sign up for an Rx Message On Hold Package with no contracts or hidden fees, starting at just $109 a month.

To know more about Rx Message on Hold, you can contact them at 1-800-590-8852 or visit their website today! What are you waiting for? Get Rx Message On Hold and get a 14 – day trial.


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