Renovate or Remodel- Which is Which?

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“Renovating and Remodeling” these are two words that are often thrown around when one is thinking about changing up their home. To most, these terms are interchangeable. After all, these words both talk about a modification done to the house. Both of these involve a lot of investment, both in time and money. Both plainly involve a whole lot of work.

The question comes to mind: Is there a difference between renovating and remodeling? Does it matter if they have a difference?

Upon further inspection (which involves consulting a dictionary), renovating and remodeling do have a difference. 

First of all, renovating is defined as “to restore to good condition: make new or as if new again: repair” and “to invigorate: refresh: revive” That means renovating does not involve a significant change. It means to fix or restore something to a fresher state.

Next, we have the definition of remodeling, which is “to alter the structure of: remake” In a more straightforward sense, to remodel mostly means to make something new out of it. To completely change the form of something.

Digging Deeper into their Difference

If you really think about it, the difference between the definitions of remodeling and renovating does matter as it completely changes how to approach both works. The definition of work, the approach of how to do the said work, as well as the cost that it will entail, changes depending on which job you are going to do: Renovation or Remodel.

When to Do One or the Other

With their definitions out of the way, the next question to ask would be when do we consider if the job requires a renovation. When do we think the situation requires us to remodel? By looking at the definition, we can see that we consider a renovation job if it requires a more straightforward work. If the job requires us to repaint the wall, replace the doorknobs, or even add new light fixtures, it is part of the scope of a renovation. Generally speaking, if the work requires no drastic or dramatic change, it is safe to say that what we are doing is a renovation.

Meanwhile, if the work involves changing the entire floor plan of the house, turning one room’s purpose into another, and even altering the whole structure and form of a given space, then we are in the realm of remodeling. Remodeling also takes up more work compared to renovation. Thus, when what we are doing involves creating something new out of an old space, we can consider it as a remodeling job.

Approach to Work

Now that we know how much work is needed for both jobs, we can finally talk about how to approach these jobs.

To be honest, both of these jobs can be done by hiring contractors, renovators, and remodelers. Both can also be done as DIY projects, but doing so for a remodeling job is not recommended.

Due to the lighter nature of work involved in doing a renovation, people with the know-how can make it their own little project. Sure, the work of experts would produce a better result, but the work of a skilled DIYer can also amount to a high quality. Painting, changing a wallpaper, repairing a light fixture, though these may take a lot of work, almost anyone can do these projects with varying results.

It is another story when doing a remodeling job, however. The job entails making dramatic changes to your living space. As such, to ensure a safe environment, we will need to use the proper tools. Sometimes these tools will need permits and licenses in order to operate. For these more extensive jobs, you should hire a good home contractor.

The cost of it All

At the end of the day, it is the cost that really matters between which the type of job. Sure, both will involve money (materials are not cheap nowadays). However, a remodeling job will require a heavier budget. In the meantime, since it can be done as a DIY project and requires fewer materials, a renovation will cost much less than a whole remodeling job. 

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