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Business Feature: Pure Country Air, Inc

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Pure Country Air Incorporation offers quality individual room air filtration systems.

So, where do I start introducing Pure Country Air? I am a grandmother who has a grandson with asthma. I wanted him to stop having to be rushed to the hospital because he couldn’t breathe. So, I started thinking about how I could help him. I had danced around the idea of cleaner air years before this all happened but just went on working and taking care of bills that needed to be paid.

However, I decided that with concern for my grandson’s health, it was important to put my idea to work. Now, considering I was an HR Manager for years, I had to search for someone with more technical brain power than I to make the product and ensure it worked. I honestly wasn’t sure of a design that did what I wanted it to do; I wasted a lot of money on technical people that looked at my idea and even produced an early proto-type and told me, “yes, this is possible” that came with a large price tag and really no other advice. So, onward this crazy grandma went. I finally found a company in 2008 that helped me put my idea into a prototype. It looked good and worked. Then I went through my first cancer battle. So, I was out of “commission,” as they call it, for a while. But I was determined not to give up.

At this point, I sold some stock that I had been awarded as a bonus at my job to continue with my dream of helping my grandson and other people. A must for my product was to be easy to use and not terribly expensive. So, I used the proto-type in my house, and it worked! It is not a whole house system. It is for the rooms that you spend most of your time in. If you are like us, that is the family room and bedroom. However, I do have a couple of more units up. I have done research before and over the years.

HVAC people will tell you not to put them in all your registers. This is due to the fact the filter will cause some reduction in airflow. But as I said, I have done research. I had an HVAC professional come in and test the airflow with his phone program that is made for such a purpose. He was totally shocked that the airflow was minute and suggested selling the product with washable air filters, which we do.

So, my objective when I started this product idea, was to stop particles from getting into the room, not to remove some after they were in the room. You can breathe stuff with the units that sit on the floor or table before they are able to catch the particles and remove them from the air. My unit replaces your air register and has a holder for the filter built on the backside of the register. We also manufactured brackets that fit into the duct. A spring is attached to the register and fits into the bracket. So, when you want to check or replace your filter, you just pull it down with the two knobs and pull the old filter out to replace or wash. Then you push the unit back into place to start catching whatever is being pushed through your ductwork. This also allows you not to have to use extra electricity. Your HVAC unit is already working, and our product cleans the air before entering your room. Check Pure Country Air, Inc. and our patented product out at by visiting our website.


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