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With the world seemingly moving on, or at least learning to live with, the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have slowly started shifting from having their employees work remotely to planning a graduated return-to-office activity. Colleagues can finally have their morning coffees together in person and not just through computer screens. Team meetings can now be done face-to-face. Office buffs can finally start catching up during lunch at their favorite cafe. Today, we will feature an article on office space- cleaning commercial in Minnesota and the importance of hiring professional cleaners.

Before all these can be done, however, certain things need to be put in place. Not the least of it is ensuring that the workspace is clean. With the pandemic highlighting the importance of cleanliness and disinfection in avoiding viruses, it is paramount that workspaces are clean and disinfected regularly. 

Importance of a clean office space

1. Health of employees

Perhaps the most important reason to maintain a clean workplace is the health of everyone in the office. Especially taking into account the recent increase in COVID-19 infections in Minnesota. With people still reeling from the pandemic, employees expect their employers to give them a safe environment upon returning to the office. A reasonably safe environment means to them is a clean office space that gets regular fogging and disinfection, daily cleaning, and clean bathrooms and other shared spaces. 

2. Impact on productivity

Not only can illness quickly spread from one employee to another (think cold and flu season), easily incapacitating a percentage of the workforce, but this can also impact productivity. It can collectively cost billions of dollars in loss of productivity. With health issues translating to possible financial loss, would it not be better to set a budget for regular commercial cleaning and disinfection to mitigate potential financial complications? 

3. Reduce safety hazards

Even without the looming presence of the dreaded virus, having a clean workspace means reducing safety hazards. Things like clutter and fire hazards like empty cardboard boxes lying around should be cleaned up to maintain safety. And in the event of an emergency, a clear path to safety can save lives. The trash in the proper receptacles and dry floors can reduce the dangers of slipping and work-related injuries, saving the employees from a painful fall and the employer’s business from paying for worker’s compensation due to accidents in the workplace. It is a win-win for everyone. 

Why hire commercial cleaning services?

1. They are professionals

Having employees clean their own workspace is fine. But having the whole office cleaned professionally means deep cleaning and disinfection. Commercial cleaners are trained in disinfection and cleaning in ways that office employees can’t. They also bring professional-grade cleaning supplies, so business owners don’t need to worry about stocking detergent and other cleaning paraphernalia. Hiring professional cleaners also takes the burden of cleaning away from employees and into the hands of those professionally trained to do so. 

2. Help the economy recover

The pandemic has caused people to lose jobs. Businesses, restaurants, even hotels closed down. Employing the services of professional cleaners means contributing to the recovery of that cleaning company. This means they can then hire more people as the demand for cleaning services grows. From there, it becomes this domino effect where the supply and demand for cleaning services and the businesses that patronize them create more business opportunities and, in the long run, help the local economy recover. 

3. Clean bathrooms

It may sound funny, but clean bathrooms leave an excellent impression on customers. One study found that more than 80% of customers are reluctant to return to business establishments with dirty bathrooms. Also, unclean bathrooms are breeding grounds for diseases. They are a lawsuit waiting to happen. Clean bathrooms can leave customers or clients with a positive impression of the business. 


Hiring professional office space commercial cleaners is a good way of ensuring that office spaces and other shared spaces in a business are clean and free from disease-causing pathogens. They also help maintain a safe working environment where hallways and exits are free from clutter and tidy the entire office. Employing their services can go a long way in helping the local Minnesotan economy recover. 


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