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Mike Billings Knife Sharpening

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Mike Billings Knife Sharpening is an expert in sharpening blades, from various knives to industrial machinery blades.

Everyone should have a sharp blade when they need it most. Chefs and cooks prepping for that big dinner party. That person tinkering on their latest project. Or when first responders can cut a seatbelt a few seconds faster and save a life. With close to 30 years experience in sharpening, you will get that sharp knife when you need it most from Mike Billings Knife Sharpening.


How We Got Started

Growing up on a farm, I have carried a knife almost as long as I’ve been walking. A good pocket knife was always seen as an essential tool that should be cared for and well maintained. That mindset has followed me throughout my life and taught me to treat all knives as tools. From the pocket knife to that prized favorite chef knife used to prepare dinner. Tools are meant to last and maybe even be passed down to the next generation. If your pliers get a bit rusty and are difficult to use, you don’t throw them away and buy new ones, you put a bit of oil in them and they’re good to go again. Knife sharping is the same principal, if your knives get dull, get them sharp again and you’re good to go. I started my business mainly as a hobby and sharpened friend’s knives. then they told their friends and they started paying me to work on things and it progressed from there.

After I had enough of working in factories and putting my own health at risk to pay bills, I just decided to work for myself and see how it went. After a few years of doing what I love, I can’t imagine going back and working 12 hours shifts at a factory.

Daily Grind

I see a bit of everything in my business. Knife sets that were gifted at the wedding 25+ years ago and have never been sharpened to knives that look like they were used to fight off Wolverine…I also get a fair share of straight razors and very random stuff like garden tools, axes, hatchets, broad heads, machetes, industrial machinery blades, paper cutters, chisels, planer blades, throwing knives, throwing stars, batarangs (yes really 😂).

Even after all that I still get a little surprise or unique tool or knife to work on. I provide services for a diverse customer base that includes chefs, businesses, pet groomers, beauticians, barbers, restaurants and individuals that like the EDC (every day carry) variety of knives including basic pocket knives and hunting knives.

A Sharp Future

My long term goals may seem a bit far fetched, but I intend on being the “Go-To” guy for anything that cuts in my area. My expansion plans include owning all the equipment I need to perform any sharpening task required of me and owning a building to eventually start making my own knives. I love what I do and love providing the best customer service I possibly can. My goals are to expand my capabilities with new and better equipment and own a building that doesn’t restrict my activities and future endeavors.


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