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Marketing on the Internet and Growing Your Digital Audience

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Orange Digital Technologies offers a slew of digital marketing services for businesses wishing to improve their online presence—from keyword research to content creation to social media promotion.

The internet’s growing influence is quickly transforming the market landscape regarding how to access consumers and promote their products and services. A recent in-depth investigation conducted by researchers from Harvard Business School discovered that for the past few years, the internet economy has been growing seven times faster than the entirety of the US economy, accounting now for twelve percent of the country’s GDP. 

Unlike traditional economic markets, the internet offers low barriers to entry and a highly engaged, interactive platform that grants businesses the opportunity to reach out to customers swiftly and effectively. Because of the transnational aspect of the internet, online companies (or traditional ones with a digital presence) also have access to a continuously growing global consumer base. 

Orange Digital Technologies has a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services to enhance your business’s online presence and expand to a broader international audience.

The Internet is a Platform

An internet presence is highly conducive for most businesses, especially those just starting up and expecting an international market. However, even though the barrier to entry is relatively low and anyone with an internet handle and a modicum of coding knowledge can set up an online presence, companies wishing to establish solid and consistent influence must do much more.

Efficient digital marketing requires a dedicated internet strategy for a viable and compelling presence. For companies to increase their consumer base through online marketing, a market-designed and committed approach is more of a necessity than costly expenditures.

The internet is simply a platform that a company can use to attain a broader reach to promote, advertise and engage; by integrating their current marketing methods with the internet, results can see exponential increases.

The Website is a Keystone

A website is an excellent form of introducing and informing potential consumers about the company.

The website is central to effective digital marketing. Social media might contribute a lot and is a good starting point for advertising products and services and developing interest. Still, it should only be considered an auxiliary tool, not the primary mode of communication between a business and potential customers.

A website is a reliable repository for consumers looking to learn more about a business’s products and how they differ from competitors.

The website functions as the company’s best brochure, highlighting the advantages of a product and comparisons with similar commodities in the company inventory.

Consumers visit a website to learn more about a product or company. According to some metrics, people generally spend 54 seconds on a page before deciding whether or not to continue onward with the website. So, within that timeframe, the site must entice the visitor into making a purchase or, at least, make them want to revisit the site.

A fruitful website contains features that allow for ease of access for a visitor—to contact customer service, conduct purchases, consider distributors or contribute suggestions. 

The Utility of Social Media

After a website has been designed and made, leveraging social media is one way of advertising it. With over 4 billion active users recorded in 2021, social media sites are the modern public square. Companies with a distaste for exercising the advantages of social media will find it difficult to make headway in acquiring new audiences.

Social media provides a medley of advertising packages for companies looking to use its services: profile optimization, posting, engagement, and analytics. 

Versatile and primarily accessible, social media is an effective channel for introducing products and services and cultivating audiences.

Content marketing is the science of manufacturing posts, images, etc., for using social media to attract an audience to a service or a product. 84% of companies have a content marketing strategy, overtly saturating the social media landscape with content.

While a company must churn out content quickly and effectively to sustain audience engagement, this has resulted in an online landscape full of articles, videos, podcasts, etc. 

So, companies must strike a healthy balance between quality and quantity–and through the use of digital marketing companies with the tools and techniques, companies won’t lack good content to go along with their products.


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