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J-Intelligence Networks, Inc.

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J-Intelligence Networks, Inc. (JINTEL) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to use faith-based and therapeutic tools to empower women in their emotional health and wellness process.

J-Intelligence Networks, Inc. educational programs that promote activities for self-expression, self-awareness, confidence building, inner strength, spiritual connection, emotional healing, and purposeful living. Our programs and tools educate, connect, and transform into the abundant life that God provides.

J-Intelligence Networks (JINTEL) was founded in 2019 by Kemir Baker. The mission and vision for JINTEL came about from Kemir’s emotional health and healing journey. As she dealt with the long-lasting effects of trauma, she felt inadequate and ashamed for having emotional and mental issues that limited the enjoyment of her life. She also assumed along with most in her faith-based community that faith alone would resolve her deep-seated issues. However, after realizing that her faith was not enough, she pursued professional support. In her journey, she identified a gap between faith-based and therapeutic resources. She did not want others to feel ashamed or guilty for requiring emotional support, especially in faith-based communities. She also realized the value of self-empowerment, self-care, and a support system. These elements provide a quality of life to all people. Therefore, JINTEL’s initiatives embody deliberate activities for mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

To fulfill our mission, we devised a three-step approach.

  1. We develop Biblical-based emotional wellness and well-being programs. Our programs are flexible, self-paced, and engage women on an individual level.
  2. We create a support system by enlisting qualified individuals (Christian counselors, life coaches, and certified professionals) to address specific dimensions of the emotional wellness journey.
  3. We establish external partnerships with other nonprofit organizations to expand resources that provide in-person connections.

Our Educational Programs:

A Healing Peace Podcast

If you are looking for a healing space where you can learn about the things that help us find peace, this is the place for you.

Our mission is to connect with women by interviewing life coaches, social workers, therapists, and everyday people to strengthen and renew your emotional well-being. We inspire releasing the hurt, pain, and busyness of life to receive emotional healing from God. We believe that God has an amazing purpose for every woman’s life. Our goal is to help women embrace this purpose and live out their destinies.

Living Free to Be Me

Are you ready to shed relationship baggage? Want to create the lifestyle you want?

Our nine-week self-improvement program provides a safe environment for women to process emotional wounds from relationships in a healthy way. We will guide you through a holistic curriculum with interactive resources to help you find freedom, heal your heart, and receive closure from past hurts. You will explore your strengths and capabilities. You will also discover how to love yourself and others more genuinely. Take a journey to freedom as you heal a wounded heart, grow, and gain the power to Live Free!

Stronger U: Emotional Resilience (Non-Seniors & Seniors)

We provide emotional support for seniors and women of all ages with lasting connections, positive guidance, and life balance. Our program provides an atmosphere for a fun interactive exchange that promotes self-awareness and self-discovery. The program’s topics include Praying/Journaling (exploring your authentic self), Changing Your Thinking (developing a growth mindset), Believing in Yourself (boosting self-confidence), and Living a Fulfilled Life (exploring your strengths and desires). Completing our program will provide strategies for releasing life’s stressors and developing healthy habits. Step into your identity and embrace God’s unconditional love!

Personal Growth & Development Digital Workbook

Our 10-week digital workbook provides guidance to release you from negative experiences while drawing you closer to God. The Personal Growth & Development Workbook is a practical approach for personal growth and development through journaling and prayer prompts that reveals the power of self-reflection and self-discovery while strengthening your emotional well-being with God’s help.

Our services:

Are you struggling with emotional or mental health challenges? Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut and cannot seem to move forward? If so, you are not alone. Millions of people struggle with emotional and mental health challenges every year. However, we believe that everyone deserves to live a happy and fulfilling life, and we are here to help you get there.

JINTEL offers counseling and coaching services. We use a variety of evidence-based techniques, including EMDR and NLP, to help you heal from past trauma, overcome anxiety and depression, and achieve your goals.

Receive these benefits when you book a session:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Improved communication skills
  • Increased confidence
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved relationships

Go to https://www.jintel.org to learn more about our programs and services


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