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Infinity Family Foot Care

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Infinity Family Foot Care offers mobile advanced foot care assessment, treatment, and education to clients within Calgary and the surrounding areas.

Infinity Family Foot Care brings the equipment and supplies needed to provide comprehensive foot care in any setting, including your home, long-term care or supported living environment, or group home. We can also accommodate group clinics at locations such as community centres and churches!

At Infinity Family Foot Care, we value whole-person care that is skilled, thorough, gentle, and compassionate. Each visit is focused on improving or maintaining the health of the lower limbs and feet while simultaneously taking into account the person, their lifestyle, and health conditions. Appointment times are purposefully longer than typical to allow ample time for personalized and high-quality care, answering questions you might have, and providing education, recommendations, and referrals as needed. 

Who do we typically see? People often assume that Nurses only provide foot care to elderly clients. While some conditions like toenail fungus and thick nails are certainly more prevalent in this group, there are many other age groups that can benefit from a Nurses’ care. We can help those that struggle to reach their feet (later months in pregnancy, disability, larger stature), suffer from arthritis or weakness in the hands and are unable to squeeze the clippers to cut the nails, those who struggle to see the toes well enough to cut them safely, athletes, and those that suffer with ingrown nails. 

So, what do we do as foot care nurses? At Infinity Family Foot Care, 

we offer healthcare-grade services performed by a Registered Nurse. 

The initial assessment starts with a review of your medical history and medications, an assessment of the pulses in your feet, sensation testing of the feet, an inspection of the skin on lower limbs and feet, and diabetic risk assessments. 

As part of each assessment, we may also inspect your shoes and gait (observing the way your body moves and how your feet land when you walk) to look for any abnormalities that can contribute to foot/lower limb concerns. Every foot and shoe tells a fascinating story!

Included in the initial assessment and at follow-up appointments (most people require maintenance foot care every 6-8 weeks on average), care can include the reduction (“smoothing down”) of corns and calluses on the feet and toes, cutting and filing very thick and or “curling” toenails, thinning down very thick or crumbly toenails, and management of (non-infected) ingrown toenails. We can offer comfort care suggestions and solutions for painful lumps and bumps on the feet. While Nurses can’t diagnose fungal infections or warts, we can certainly discuss what we see, refer to the appropriate medical/health care provider for diagnosis, and assist with treatments as needed thereafter. Lastly, we apply premium moisturizing products to the legs and feet aftercare to optimize skin health and integrity. 

Why use a Nurse? Our Nurse has completed their degree and has taken a comprehensive additional course in advanced foot and lower limb care. 

She is extensively trained to identify various presentations in the feet and lower limbs, understand how medical conditions and medications can affect the lower limbs and feet and is trained to know which precautions to take while performing more complex procedures on clients that have high-risk medical issues. These issues can include but are not limited to diabetes, circulation disorders, autoimmune conditions, and more. We can make referrals to other healthcare providers when a skill is not within the Nurse’s scope of practise. Examples of who we might refer you to can include Family Drs, Podiatrists, Pedorthists, Dieticians, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Wound clinics, Pharmacists, and Diabetes educators. 

Lastly, Nurses are held to the highest of provincial and federal standards with respect to sterilization, equipment and product use, and professional practice/codes of ethics.

If you are looking for skilled, compassionate, and gentle Nursing foot care, please reach out for a free 15-minute consultation on how Infinity Family Foot Care can best support your foot health needs. Additional information can be found at www.infinityfamilyfootcare.com or by calling/texting Shannon Adams at 403-467-5484. Let us help you put your best feet forward everyday for life! 


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