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How to Burglar-Proof Your House

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Home Security and Safety | 1 comment

We spend most of our time at home. And a considerable portion of this, we spend asleep. If something were to happen within that time, we would likely be unable to protect ourselves. Yearly, around 2.5 million burglaries happen around the world. Among this number is another data involving injuries and thousands worth of stolen properties. This is why maintaining a safe home is important, and investing in securing our houses is essential.

Secure Entry Points

The most obvious and vulnerable to forced entry to your home are your windows and doors. Therefore, those are your first choice to lock up and secure. By adding locks and latches to these entry points, you’re assuring that forcible entries can be deterred – which is vital to give you time to either call the cops or grab a weapon for yourself.

Check Your Doors

34% of burglars break in through the front door – it’s most likely the first point they try to open. Make sure your doors aren’t just locked but tightly secured. Just because they’re locked doesn’t mean skilled burglars can’t forcibly enter them.

They can still break in by inserting a card through your latch and swiping it around to loosen the lock. Another way to secure your door is by ensuring nobody can reach or crawl inside. Doors having mail slots or doggy doors are especially vulnerable to such break-ins. Hence, to further secure your doors, you can provide deadbolts, strike plates, or video doorbells.

Reinforce Your Windows

Aside from the door, the next place burglars will try to get into will be through your windows.

Install window bars or dowels, or add security films to reinforce them. Other than these, you can also install window sensors. These sound an alarm when the window is forced open. Some can even send you prompt phone notifications that someone tries to break in. For the best result, you can pair this with a camera so you can put a face on your assailant.

Secure Your Garage

Apart from your windows and doors, your garage is another perfect way for thieves to enter your houses. Compared to all other entry points, garage doors are relatively easy to force open – you can even find a tutorial on Youtube. You can easily trip a garage door’s safety release mechanism from outside with a coat hanger or a thin hook. All you need to do is thread it through the top of the door then pull the emergency latch.

To avoid falling victim to this, consider investing in protecting your emergency latch so it won’t easily release when prodded. Aside from making sure your garage door itself is secured, make sure that the door connected to your house is also tightly secured.

Replace Old Locks

This is especially important if you’re moving into a new house. With a house that had previous owners, it’s highly likely that they still have copies of their keys. If this is the case, they can easily enter your house without you knowing.

When it comes to lock replacements, you can reach out to professional locksmiths for an easy fix. Choose one that can finish working quickly to help you settle into your new house quickly. You can contact a company like Infinity Key Locksmith – a known emergency locksmith in Miramar – known for their quick response.

Keep Your Yard Clean

A property with an unkempt lawn looks as though nobody has been living in it for days, making it look vulnerable and easy prey for burglars. Additionally, a dark yard makes it easy for burglars to blend and move around without getting detected. As a solution, you can buy yard lights or street lights to illuminate your place and ward off potential burglars at night.

Lastly, Introduce yourself to Your Neighbors

Introducing yourself and being friendly to your neighbors won’t only give you free food during holidays, but you can also help look out for each other. When someone is on vacation, they can keep an eye out of their house for them. In fact, if you become closer, you can even consider leaving your keys when you’re away. Then your neighbors can make sure your house won’t look empty and vulnerable to burglars.

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