Home Is Where Style Is: Interior Design Tips

by | Jun 6, 2022 | Featured Article, Home Improvement

Home is where the heart is. But other than that, it should also be where one’s comfort is at its highest.

A house is more than just the four walls that keep one warm and safe. It’s more than just the roof providing them with a place to sleep. A house is a place where one builds and lives their life. It’s where they experience their happiest and most vulnerable days. Hence, it’s crucial to ensure that these four walls keep one at ease and the most comfortable. However, making a house a home isn’t easy. It isn’t just taping wallpaper over walls and throwing necessary furniture in the room. There are many factors to consider. That’s when designing and planning the interior becomes crucial.

Make It You

One of the most vital factors to consider when designing the interiors of your house is individuality. Make sure you aren’t simply copying off anyone’s design – unless you really want to. Remember, you’ll live in that house yourself and not anybody else. Therefore, create it to your liking. Determine what aesthetic or style resonates with your comfort, and stick with it throughout the planning. Be true to your preference. Sure, you can ask others for their opinion, but don’t let their decision weigh more than your own.

Are you feeling uninspired? You can try recalling rooms, hotels, and even clubs you’ve spent time in and enumerate what you like and dislike about them. Get these details, and put them together in your idea.

Choose a Color

Color is an essential factor to consider when designing your house. It will be one of the first elements that catch people’s eyes, but science has also proven that color can affect people’s emotions and behavior. When it comes to determining your color palette, rely on your materials. Look at your clothes or any existing furniture you have. Do you gravitate toward a particular color? Pick out a specific hue or more. Just ensure that they complement each other and purchase your materials and furniture around them.

Fix On a Furniture

When choosing furniture and its placement, things can quickly go awry, both literally and figuratively. For some people, too much of it can make the room suffocating. But too little might also feel too empty, almost as if your house is isolating you. Choosing your furniture – design and necessity-wise – depends on individual preference. But their placement should be built around design principles.

One of the essential principles to follow in decorating a room is the proportions. Your pieces of furniture should be proportionate, make them work, and look well with each other. This means they need to be in harmony with the other items in the room. To help, most designers suggest having large statement pieces in any room – even the small ones – and building the room around this piece, accentuating it even more. By adding this large piece, visitors will typically direct their attention to it and perhaps make the room look bigger than it is. 

Finish it with Subtle Touches

Extra pieces of furnishings can help make your room whole. All can make a massive difference, from obvious details such as lampshades, paintings, and plants to subtler ones such as candles and book spines. While they may seem like a trivial addition, they can impact the overall ambiance of your house.

For instance, there’s a growing fad in interior design, especially for those living within the city, far from greeneries or nature. Some have become fond of adding plants, real or fake, in their houses to make them feel more homey and peaceful. This works well for homes that look plain or “too empty.” Throwing in a bunch of potted plants and flowers can help accent a bare wall.

In addition to plants, you can also add paintings or tapestry – an equally popular trend. Most people would choose portraits of famous people or landscape scenery photos to mimic a window and a view of the outside. You may purchase paintings like these on Amazon, but most would cost you big money. If you wish to save money while still having beauty on your wall, you can purchase from Nicki Geigert, a known photographer. You can check her portfolio and purchase her works on her website.

Plan and Design on Your Budget

It’s important to plan according to your liking, but it’s equally important to ensure that you’re within your budget. There’s nothing more dispiriting than falling in love with an idea, only to end up scrapping it because you’re way out of your budget. Be economical and aesthetic. But if you have to decide between the two, it’s better to be the former. After all, as you earn and save more, you can change your current style to something that resonates more with you.

Take Your Time

Interior designing doesn’t need to come together and be completed within a day. In fact, it’s impossible to do so. It can be possible, but the result might be below your liking. It’s your house, don’t settle for any less. You can collect pieces or make any changes as you go. If you think what you have now isn’t working, scraping your current design and re-doing it is fine. This way, you will be working with what you like and not just settling for what you already have.


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