Five Interesting Things About Le Beau’s Honer Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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RC Le Beau’s Honer kitchen knife sharpener is making waves across the nation and overseas. Here’s why.

Le Beau’s Honer is a kitchen sharpener that offers unique technology. This revolutionary kitchen product has beaten its competitors at every turn. Developed by RC Le Beau himself, this tiny yet superpowerful tool is now the leading brand in blade sharpeners and kitchen honers. But what exactly separates Le Beau’s Honer from all the rest? Today, we will feature five interesting things about this tiny yet amazing product.

Le Beau’s Honer Hunter

It can sharpen all kinds of kitchen knives.

From chef knives, utility knives, paring knives, boning knives, shears, fillet knives, salmon knives, bread knives to cleavers, Le Beau’s Honer is an excellent partner to any kitchen blade. In the old days, kitchen knives turn to whetstones or grinders for sharpening. With the super clever Le Beau’s Honer, sharpening comes easy, and there is no need for wet stones or power tools. In just a matter of minutes and with a few smooth strokes, your kitchen blade is sharp as a newly-bought knife. Another feature of this wonderful item is that it is easy to use. You don’t need to be a professional blade master or chef to hone your kitchen knives using Le Beau’s Honer. All you need to do is place your thumb behind the back of the knife and stroke the rods dead center to set your edge.

It’s also great for other knives and tools.

Le Beau’s Honer is not only making waves among chefs and kitchen lovers. What started as a top-kitchen tool sharpening is now enjoying celebrity status among hunters, outdoor adventurers, DIY advocates, and professionals who work with knives and tools that need sharpening. Le Beau’s Honer has proven to be effective in sharpening hunting knives, big utility knives for outdoor use, fishhooks, axes, carving tools, and many other metal blades. Weighing only two ounces, this pocket-size tool is great for traveling and camping. Because it does not grind your metal blades, Le Beau’s is able to take good care of your knives and tools. By sharpening blades at a micro level, the metal blade remains intact and durable for a longer time than the ones sharpened by grinders or whetstones.

It has a flexible design and Nitriged Rods.

“Nitrided Rods are expensive to harden and make, 70 on the Rockwell C scale and Guaranteed for Life, both Flexible Rods are turnable after five years of use at the points of contact. The Rods will quickly sharpen all knives and metals without destroying them, using our patented flex designed and sharpening techniques. LeBeau’s Honer™ will sharpen hard steel knives like D-2, AUS, ATS-34 and Buck 110 knives in seconds. Most knives are not as hard as these knives, which range from 59 to 64 on the Rockwell C scale. However, many great stainless steel knives range between 54 to 58 on the Rockwell scale, and LeBeau’s Honer™ sharpens them to the best smooth cutting edge. But, High Carbon steel knives still get the sharpest knife edges. However, these knives may rust if not properly taken care of.”

Durability comes with a lifetime guarantee.

I know I’ve mentioned this above, but really, could anything be more amazing than a product with optimum effectiveness, prolongs the life of your tools, is durable, and at the same time offers a lifetime guarantee? Only Le Beau’s Honer can do that. On top of its superb quality and design, the honer also comes in many bright colors so that it’s easy to find. You can also avail of instructional and user instruction videos. For genuine quality honer, look for Le Beau’s Honer, formally known as the Hunter Honer Knife Sharpener USA brand.

To find out more about the product and its packages, you can visit Le Beau’s Honer official website today.

It’s recommended by top chefs and users.

With all its revolutionary quality features and top-of-the-line performance, it’s easy to see why Le Beau’s Honer is way ahead of its competitor. From top chefs, food enthusiast to hunters, outdoor adventurers, and even ordinary handymen, Le Beau’s Honer is simply the best and only choice. If that’s not enough, below is a list of knife manufacturers who recommend Le Beau’s Honer above all others.

  • Alex Kolce™ World Class Swords
  • Anza Knives Hand Made Knives
  • Cold Steel Knife & Manufacturing, Co.
  • Dawson Knife Company,
  • Eagle Works Knives
  • Knives of Alaska Company
  • Idaho Knife Works Co.
  • Iron Mountain Knife Company
  • World Famous Murphy Combat Knife & Manufacturing
  • World Class Myerchin Marine Classic Knives & Manufacturing Company

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