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From Scrolls to Sessions: Driving More Website Traffic

by | Feb 25, 2023 | Digital Marketing, Web Traffic Optimization | 1 comment

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With more people visiting companies’ websites, the higher the chances these visits become purchases. This is why a company must also focus on improving its website traffic, besides its brand and product reputations.

Entrepreneurs only want one thing, and that is to earn more by gaining more customers. In between managing their brand reputation, making product improvements, and pricing adjustments, every endeavor companies put out aims to raise profit.

With technology’s continuous and growing influence over society, almost everything has gone online. Hence, creating websites to engage with online users has become one crucial means for companies to achieve company success. Websites are companies’ foundations for modern commerce. These allow them to build an online presence and tap on this to grow their business, where visitors and interested clients can learn more about what the company offers, building trust and possibly turning this interest into purchases.

However, running an easy-to-navigate and captivating website alone isn’t helping companies gain customers. What good is a website if it isn’t utilizing web traffic digital technologies? What benefit do websites offer if they aren’t doing what they’re supposed to, which is driving traffic?

First, What Is Website Traffic?

By definition, website traffic refers to the number of times users visit the website. These visits aren’t only measured by the times visitors have clicked on the website. Instead, traffic is measured by sessions or how long web users stay on the website, thus contributing to companies’ website traffic.

Hence, it’s essential that they not only beautify and ensure their sites catch people’s attention. But they should also utilize web traffic digital technologies, ensuring that users stay and interact with every website content and, finally, make a purchase. Only then will this traffic be significant to the company, becoming quality traffics rather than unnecessary visits.

How do companies get these visits?

Utilize Free Google Business Profile

A company with an optimized business listing gets more visits than those without. These Google business profiles appear at the top of search results whenever people search for products or services they’re looking for. People look into these companies more than others, generating more website traffic. Being part of this list will also make companies appear more credible than those that aren’t.

Google is also getting more innovative in what they suggest to people according to its search results. Suppose the company’s business profile provides essential information a potential customer needs. Google might give the website’s link and encourage users to contact the business directly. This provides companies with a step-ahead advantage of making interested people purchase.

What’s best about Google Business Listings is that it’s entirely free. Companies can set one up without paying, increasing their visibility on the platform without costing them any amount. Additionally, as Google is a platform where users have intent while searching, companies receive quality visits that doesn’t only boost their presence but also increase engagements and purchases.

Optimize Content With Keywords

Another way to increase website traffic is for companies to target keywords throughout their content. These are words that people use whenever they’re searching for products or services in the relevant field. Using these words throughout content companies upload or their website makes drawing more visitors easier. These keywords can range from terms that are specifically related to the company’s brand or they can be general attributes.

Companies don’t have to guess which keywords work because Google can help them on which terms to maximize through its analytics software. Google Analytics allows companies to examine which keywords lead more visitors to the website in the past. With this finding, they can use these keywords to optimize their content. They can also use these on social media accounts and email marketing content.

Digital Ads for Promotions

They’re scattered everywhere. From Youtube banners to Facebook advertisements, countless companies have used digital ads to leverage themselves from their competitors. They’re designed to catch people’s attention by aiming their content toward what appeases people’s specific needs and redirecting them toward a website or landing page. Digital advertisements are incredibly effective because they can be placed on other platforms and websites with high traffic, attracting more people to interact with these ads. They can also target specific groups depending on what product they’re advertising and on what platform they will post these advertisements.

Backlinking From Trusted Sources

While this is less known to regular users, backlinking is one of the essential processes in increasing web traffic. Backlinking utilizes links on other websites that return to the company’s website. The more companies use these links, the higher they rank on search engines because this prompts search engines to think that the company’s site is popular among other sites and users. The only thing companies must remember about Backlinking is that these links must come from reputable sites. This helps their website be influenced by the other’s reputation instead of getting dragged down.

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