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Business Feature: Legacy Programs

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Legacy Programs is committed to building a society where every young person can easily realize their potential and achieve their goals.

Legacy Programs all started because of a sandwich. As a child, I was subjected to drugs and violence. I never saw kindness or compassion and at 18 years old I was sentenced to a lengthy prison term.

Fourteen years into my term, I sat across from a family with no food on their table in a CDCR visiting room. My wife bought food and we went hand in hand and slid a sandwich snacks and drinks onto their table. I saw a $10 sandwich at first, but then I saw their smiles. I saw the happiness not that the sandwich brought, but the smiles because of the gesture behind the action. It was in that moment that I figured out that serving others was my true calling and that is when I embarked on a mission of helping others through Legacy standing for Learning Education Gives Air (Accountability Integrity and Responsibility) To Community and Youth.

In prison I saw the need for change and the amount of effort and work that goes into trying to integrate convicted felons back into society. Legacy programs has focused its efforts in successfully reintegrating formerly incarcerated people back into society permanently. It is Legacy’s mission to reduce recidivism, advocate, house and educate our offenders through awareness. For the past two years since my release, I have worked tirelessly to bring Legacy to the free world with me to positively impact our communities. In December I got my 501c3 status and continued to build Legacy with the help of volunteers and fellow advocates. We aren’t talking change; we are creating change. In the past two years, we have successfully transitioned 40 formerly incarcerated into your neighbors, your friends and even your co-workers. They are living successful and law-abiding lives. In a world that is constantly changing, so are the needs for a successful and permanent reentry.

Legacy is about focusing on the greater good, for our families, our loved ones and our communities. Our company and 501c3 continue to grow to cover additional people at risk or in need. With Legacy Programs we believe that no one is a lost cause and while we give it our all, we know we can’t do it alone. That is why it is so important to build an empire. Legacy is collaborating with multiple agencies to bridge the gaps that previous offenders face after completing their terms of commitment. The work I do would not be possible without many counterparts, including Rafael Cuevas and Bernard Moss from the GRIP program, Megan Medlin from HIRE and Medlin Workforce and Reentry Solutions, Uncle Dave’s Transitional Housing, Patricia Conklin Justice Care and Opportunities Department and Tyler Howell from Omni Meta Marketing. With the help of these agencies, it gives us additional resources to
help more, change more and be more.

If you’d like to know more about Legacy Programs, reach out or donate you can find additional information at: www.Legacyprogramsorg.wixsite.com/legacyprogramseducat

Email: [email protected]

Linkedin: Lawrence Drenk


  1. Lawrence drenk

    This Is great thank all.

  2. TJ Moonan

    An amazing man! God bless you Reverend!


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