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Le Beau’s Honer sharpens any knife and is the only sharpener you will ever need in your lovely kitchen.

There are many types of knives, and all of them need to stay sharp to perform their respective tasks. Chef knives and cleavers need to be sharp to cut meat and fish. Hunting knives need to stay sharp all the time to perform admirably outdoors. Aside from knives, other tools like scissors, cutters, axes, big knives, and even fishhooks also need sharpening. Many still use the whetstone or water stone to sharpen their blades. Modern chefs use the steel blade, and others choose to grind their metal. Today, we will introduce you to a revolutionary product that can sharpen not only knives but also many other tools. The product is so efficient that many professional chefs, hunters, and artisans prefer to use this over any other sharpening tool. It is the most effective and user-friendly serrated knife sharpener. RC Le Beau’s Honer or hunter honer is a sharpener like no other and is America’s number one kitchen knife sharpener. Let’s explore why.

The Ultimate Knife Honer

Le Beau’s Honer is a patented knife sharpener with a flex design that prevents the peeling of metal needlessly during the sharpening process. This technology sharpens serrated knives without destroying them. Unlike other tools used for sharpening blades, Le Beau’s Honer is made of Nitride rods which are super hard and can sharpen all metals. Le Beau’s Honer is designed at a perfect 21 degrees to achieve optimum performance and sharpens both sides of the knife simultaneously. Le Beau’s Nitride rods sharpens your knives in less than a minute. What makes them also popular is that they are super easy to use with no special angles to hold or remember.

Le Beau’s Hunter Honer

RC Le Beau’s top-of-the-line knife sharpener can sharpen any knife in your kitchen. It effectively sharpens chef knives, utility knives, paring knives, boning knives, shears, fillet knives, salmon knives, bread knives, and cleavers.

Outside your kitchen, the Le Beau Honer performs its best with hunting knives, scissors, axes, fish hooks, serrated edges, arrowheads, and many more. For military men and outdoor adventurers, this is the greatest blade sharpener because it is easy to use, portable, and comes in many different colors.

Because of its design and the Nitrided Rods, LeBeau’s Honer sharpens edges without destroying your knives and other tools by ripping metal off the edge needlessly.

Gone are the days of whetstone and steel blades. With the Le Beau Honer LeBeau’s Honer, you just place your thumb behind the back of the knife and stroke the rods dead center to set your edge. No more hassle or need of water because of its Nitrided rods.

So what are Nitrided Rods?

“Nitrided Rods are expensive to harden and make, 70 on the Rockwell C scale and Guaranteed for Life, both Flexible Rods are turnable after five years of use at the points of contact. The Rods will quickly sharpen all knives and metals without destroying them, using our patented flex designed and sharpening techniques. LeBeau’s Honer™ will sharpen hard steel knives like D-2, AUS, ATS-34 and Buck 110 knives in seconds. Most knives are not as hard as these knives which range from 59 to 64 on the Rockwell C scale. However, many great stainless steel knives range between 54 to 58 on the Rockwell scale, and LeBeau’s Honer™ sharpens them to the best smooth cutting edge. But, High Carbon steel knives still get the sharpest knife edges. However, these knives may rust if not properly taken care of.”

And because it takes five years to wear down the Nitride rods in one spot, you are guaranteed a long-lasting, high-performing honer. You can simply turn the rods one-eighth of a turn in order to have a new sharpening surface. If that’s not enough, Le Beau’s Honer comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!

So what are you waiting for? Grab a LeBeau’s Honer™ today for only $39.95 , plus the instructional DVD for $9.95.

About RC Le Beau 

Bob Le Beau is an entrepreneur, inventor, and author. He is the owner of American Delta Products. He is known for his invention of the most popular knife sharpener in America- the Honer kitchen knife sharpener, formally known as the Honer Hunter. This revolutionary knife sharpener is just among several products that Mr. Le Beau has developed.

Bob Le Beau is known in the logistics and supply chain industry as an honest and highly dependable businessman and a talented product inventor. His other skills include Customer Service, Sales, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Marketing Strategy. 

To know more about Bob Le Beau and his products, watch his product videos or visit his website today.


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