All About the Smiths: Getting into Your Car Without Your Keys

by | Apr 13, 2022 | Featured Article

Growing up or by the time an individual gets a car, one of the essential skills they learn to help them along the way is changing their tires. After all, the likelihood of experiencing a flat tire is very high – perhaps one of the most frequent issues a motorist encounters. However, aside from the flat tires, an increased number of drivers have experienced getting locked out of their cars. In fact, the American Automobile Association has once reported that they receive an estimated total of 4 million distressed motorists reporting getting locked out of their cars.

Would you know what to do in this situation?

It doesn’t matter if you have somewhere to go or if you noticed that you left your keys inside the car the moment you arrived home. Things can get pretty worrying once you see how you don’t have any access to opening your car. Though this can cause panic and be frustrating doing it yourself, here are some things you can try if you’re locked out of your car.

Check all other options

You may try finding a way back in by simply checking all of your available options.

If you accidentally left your keys in your car, lost them, or found out that your keys are malfunctioning, you can check every door possible and see if you can open one or if one is ajar. Or, if there is a window that’s slightly wound down, you can also try and see if it can be opened more to gain access. If you’re able to get back inside, it’s essential to get your keys fixed or make a duplicate of them to avoid future problems. However, if you got in through a door that’s ajar, you also need to get your car checked for any issues since an unlocked car – or one that can be opened easily – is one of the top causes of break-ins. If all access fails, you may also try getting access through your car’s trunk.

Be resourceful

Multiple tools can help one open their car doors, aside from their keys. These tools include shoelaces or other strings, a doorstop, or a wire hanger.

Unfortunately, when it comes to opening car doors through shoelaces, they won’t work for any car. These only work on cars with post locks, those locks that stick on the car’s window sill. If your car has this type of lock, you can try opening your door through this process.

Grab a shoelace, preferably one that’s long, and tie a slip knot in the middle of it. Work this shoelace through the gap of the car door until the knot gets hooked at the lock. Once it’s in, it only takes one swift pull to open the car door. This also applies to the other tools. You need to get the tool to access the lock through the car’s door gap and pull it open. The lock can be accessed through the gap between the door and the doorframe or directly under the window. Additionally, there are other formal tools you can purchase that are made specifically to help open the car door without any key.

Call for assistance – ideally, a friend or a family member

If you’re locked out of your car, it’s only a natural reaction to panic while waiting or thinking about a way to fix the issue. Additionally, being in this position, especially on the roadside, can put you in a vulnerable place for any harm. When people are faced with whatever situation, it’s always a good idea to let people know about the situation. While waiting for help, it’s also advisable to avoid getting help from strangers. Not to generalize, but it may be pretty risky to ask for help from strangers since the situation involves something valuable.

It will also help if you give your family or closest friends a spare key beforehand. But even if they don’t have a spare key, family members can also lend help by bringing in supplies or helping brainstorm other possible remedies.

Contact a locksmith

If all else fails, it always helps to call for professionals. After all, not everybody is equipped with this knowledge, nor does everyone have the energy to go through these troubles. The good news is locksmiths are always available to help. Professional locksmiths can help open any door without damaging it and check and fix any other issues they may find. All you need to do is know trusted locksmiths around their area.

If you’re from around the area and looking for any lock repair in San Diego, you may contact Infinity Key Locksmith, one of the most trusted mobile locksmiths. However, if you’re not from San Diego, you may check the other areas they service. They’re a mobile repair team, so one can expect them to be available to help anytime, anywhere.  The bottom line is that whether it’s through your efforts or professional help, there are many ways to open a locked door. If you’re doing it personally, just avoid further damaging your car or hurting yourself by using any sharp tools. Make your safety your top priority.



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